Vampire: Kingdoms

Demands demands demands

You want to sleep where?

We have a long talk with Corban about his sister and brother. We spend over an hour discussing how we are going to attack them, we came up with many cool ways to kill them but all involved stuff we could not possibly get a hold of …. but would have been fun to do.

In the end we had a floor plan, an idea of their strengths and weaknesses, keys , codes, and a finger print to get past any door we came across but best of all we have the element of surprise.

While some of us got equipment and studied their craft I had a chat with some of the crew, Talia wants to sleep in the forest. I asked Tabitha what the wolf pack thinks of this. Did not get a definitive answer. Kaleb came up with the idea of issuing a pass so that they could sleep in the forest ( to me this is weird they are only going to put them self in dirt for the night and not really be with the wild things. but each to their own)  Have not made my mind up on this as of yet. I do not want to owe to much to the wolf pack. think I will send our new Wolf Pack ambassador to work out the details on this sleeping arrangement I just do not want all our Gangrill to be sleeping with the wolves.

After getting all the equipment we needed and i had given instructions to my loyal retainer to unlock Corban from our freezer if we did not return in three nights.  We then headed to the crypt.

After unlocking the door to the anti chamber it was all on (as was to be expected). We came up against three loyal fanatics that turned out to be humans or ghouls. They flung a few Molotov cocktails, shot at us with a lot of bullets but in the end they were dealt with quite quickly. Now we will see if Corban is worth making a Primogen. Its onto Connor and Chelsea.



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