Vampire: Kingdoms

Don't Fuck with my Family

So after hanging in the car I just couldn't do it anymore, so I went to see what was keeping them all. Turns out they were fighting the Werewolf Elder. So grabbing this tiny silver knife I needed to join the fray and protect the family. I manage to get one stab in before being told to get the fuck out of the way. So I did and they shot Michael dead. Not just dead but dead dead. We took the body back to Jesus and the pack. They reciprocated our hospitality by putting us up for the night which was appreciated because we would have been cutting it close to get back home in time.

Anyway after a few days healing up we decided to meet up at the Elysium but Tabitha failed to show. Eventually after Frank tried phoning her his phone rang and some dick threatened her saying to stop looking for her or they would kill her (or something to that effect). Turns out its those Hunter bastards. Time to sort them out … family first.



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