Vampire: Kingdoms


After a couple more punches to the hunter's face and a few shots fired at me one of the hunters decided to light the couch on fire, managed to keep myself composed but didn't really wanna be around fire so decided to make my way upstairs to find Tabitha. As i was about to head up Tabitha was on her way down, asked if she was ok her answer was yes and that i shouldn't go upstairs cos there was hunters up there with guns ready to open fire, so i make my way to the kitchen to get further away from the flames. As i enter the kitchen area Kaleb ask's me to turn the gas of, the hunter he had managed to get a hold of had turned it on and with flames in the lounge it was a good idea, but it did not turn off, i'm guessing they must of rigged it for just this situation and with no way out this way it was time to find an alternative way out.

As i made my way back to the lounge Frank had yelled it was time to go and headed for the door, but with the couch still on fire i decided to risk it and head upstairs to find a window to jump out off, and as i did Tabitha headed back up herself which was a bit bizarre since she told me not to but hey i needed to find  way out, so with celerity on i bolt upstairs to the nearest room only to find that it had bars on it, and after taking a few shots from one of the hunters it was time to move onto the next room. Didn't go all the way in this time just looked through the door and yes there was bars on that window to, so with only one option to go it was head back down stairs and brave the flames. So as i started to go i yelled to Tabitha it was time to go and headed down, with a stroke of luck on my side Kaleb had made a door in the kitchen so out i went and headed towards the van.

I get to the van with the horn blaring and Frank slumped over the steering wheel, so i push him over into the passengers set and wait for the others to turn up so we can leave. Franks cell starts to ring and as i reach to get it i get a slap on the hand, Franks awake and answers his phone, it Tabitha telling him that she is ok and will meet us back at the Elysium, as the others turn up and pile in Tabitha turns up ? we hear sirens in the distance so watch as off we fuck, we get a few blocks away and we decide to ditch the van and Kaleb reports it stolen. Back at the Elysium Frank has a chat with Tabitha and it turns out that one of the hunters is her Father, a Father that turns out who tried to shoot her so now im guessing she has some family issues to sort out.

A few weeks pace and the Elysium / Night club is finished and ready for opening night which seems to going off quite nicely, even Dog turns up with his trusty hounds and as they make there way across the dance floor there is a mixture of WTF and that's cool man. Dog walks up to Frank and asks if he can have a chat so we all head to the back room, turns out he has a favor to ask, he has someone here that wants to talk to us but he needed assurance that they would be able to leave unharmed and Frank agrees a few moments later Corban walks into the room, he informs us that he has been in hiding since he let us out of the crypts and that he has a request. His request is he wants us to kill his sister and brother and that he would like a seat of power on our council, but there is one small problem, and that problem is he will know when they are in danger and try to help them because there blood bond is so strong, looks like we got some decisions to make.




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