Vampire: Kingdoms

He who laughs last laughs longest.


I made a decision on the sleeping in the woods with the Wolf Pack … sorry Gangrel its a no.

Those woods loving hippys would have wanted something form either myself or the kingdom. I have given them access to the city to get food / no stipulations or wanting anything in return just to know when. let them come into city to do their sworn Wyrm duties no stipulations or wanting anything in return, again just to know when. Maybe I should start demanding something in return for such things like a wanker… I think this has upset our one Gangrel but im sure she will grt over it.

In a more troublesome note Tabitha has been abducted …. again…. this time by her "friend" Dom. I sent her a text…. again…. and hope she replies. I am assuming she and Dom have entered the werewolf spirit world. I hope this does not continue she is becoming a liability.

Speaking of Liabilities Kaleb whome was instrumental in our most recent fight has gone and got a court date to deal with the van that we / he hired when freeing Tabitha from her father. He did ask me to see if my contact in the police could "take care of it" ,will see im not sure he is high enough rank  to do so.

The bombing is still on my mind as the hunters seam to think we killed their leader. This will have to be dealt with as I do not want to go through another Grand reopening blast off for the club. I must check in with Susan to see when she is back at work.

We now have a new Primogen for Meket  in the kingdom – Corban - I wish him well, dealing with our kingdom he will need it.

On a more personal note I am trying to extend my reach in the city making allies hear and there, the more people I know the better it will be to deal with odd things that pop up with the members of the Kingdom. Im sure it will come in useful when I need people to look the other way if one of us slips up. I have made good headway in the City Council and am starting low in the police for now. Next a few shady street people/black market  humans. They will not go a miss, even the fire department could be handy too. Lets not forget the media they should really be my next target. A good spin is worth its weight in gold ( not that it weighs anything but you get the idea)

And well killed the two remaining Surties … Ha ha Bitch I laughed for four hours. He who laughs last laughs longest.




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