Vampire: Kingdoms

Keeping a dog is hard work

We've seen a lot of things as vampires. For a start theres the fucker who turned you. And then theres more vampires. And werewolves. And like humans they both come in various shapes, forms and attitudes. Speaking of which humans react a lot differently once you've turned. Most be those long fangs or something. No matter what though, all those added together didn't come up with the scene of a wolf appearing in mid air with a giant Manspider wrapped around her. Thank Godless staples of reality like gravity still applied and the writhing mass of flesh gets dumped onto the ground.

This precluded a rather frantic event of trying to extract said wolf from said Manspider while destroying one and not the other. Sounds easy? Well its not. Bullets thudded pitifully into its flesh spouted out by the wolfs colleges. Heaven even Caleb turns up with a silver serving knife, ending his short vow of non violent protest. Tho with that utensil in his hand he was better suited at some fine dining. Harry, taking aim with his AR, bides some time and when the melee turns into individual players he fires into its grotesque head. Turns out Gravity isn't the only scientific principal involved in this post. The physic of a high speed lump of metal into any form of flesh still goes in favor of the metal. Brain is quite important for all and when enough had been pushed out the new exit in its head it not longer remained a present Manspider.

Once again science was needed, the Art of Medicine was applied by the factitious human carers. Allowing time to apply these practices allowed time to plan on what to do next. Tabby circumvented that process by getting herself stolen by the fanatic human hunters. Oh now we have to rescue her. Again. Except instead of nightmares from the spirit world it was bog standard bipedal versions of homo sapiens. Including the douche who had been spying on us. The one we let go. The one who confessed to culling our kind by the number of 3. Oh how this was going to be fun…

Pizza anyone?

Don't Fuck with my Family

So after hanging in the car I just couldn't do it anymore, so I went to see what was keeping them all. Turns out they were fighting the Werewolf Elder. So grabbing this tiny silver knife I needed to join the fray and protect the family. I manage to get one stab in before being told to get the fuck out of the way. So I did and they shot Michael dead. Not just dead but dead dead. We took the body back to Jesus and the pack. They reciprocated our hospitality by putting us up for the night which was appreciated because we would have been cutting it close to get back home in time.

Anyway after a few days healing up we decided to meet up at the Elysium but Tabitha failed to show. Eventually after Frank tried phoning her his phone rang and some dick threatened her saying to stop looking for her or they would kill her (or something to that effect). Turns out its those Hunter bastards. Time to sort them out … family first.

Curiouser and curiouser
Our world is bigger than we thought...

…or at least, has more layers. If ever we as Kindred had a lesson to learn about our place on this Earth, we did when we learned first hand from a Were who wasn't seconds away from tearing our infernal soul from our corrupt bodies. The spirit world demonstrates a complexity of vitality, both dark and light that our sordid mockeries cannot ever hope to match. So too, it promises mystery and power, able to be perceived by our bestial extra human protagonists, the Were.

We have more to consider now, than just petty territoriality and internal power squabbles. I hope we can learn and profit by it… 

Frank's Song

Werewolves keep falling on my head
But that doesn't mean the ground will soon be turning red
Running's not for me
Cause I'm gonna "FREEZE"

Touch the Sky
Misty mountains sing and beckon, lead me out into the night

With some encouragement from Frank I found myself trying to cross over to the spirit world I'd just glimpsed. I'm not sure why I thought that was a good idea, but right now I'm thankful that I'm not afraid of spiders.

After what seemed like ages, swimming through what felt like molasses, I found myself in the spirit world. It was everything I'd glimpsed and worse. Spiders. Spirits. Oh, and a crazy elder werewolf.

Clearly I was no match for an elder werewolf, but I had to do something, so we played a game of tag. I dunno, we hunt, tag seemed the obvious extension to that. Tag with claws. After he realized I was going to keep chasing him till I won (I'm very competitive when it comes to Tag) he changed tactics.

He dived down at me from the side of the ruin he was climbing and attempted to force me back into the normal world. Great, I figured, he can come right along with me and we can sort this out with a bunch of friendly vampires around. So I grabbed as tight a hold of him as I could and we both fell back through the porridge wall.

And ended up a couple of stories above the ground, falling towards a group of rather startled looking vampires. Not wanting to be get between an elder and his sudden dramatic stop at ground level, I maneuvered around so I was the one gliding in on a warm furry surfboard.

The following fight was short, brutal, and involved me getting cut up again. Poor Frank found his powers were rather unsuccessful against a vampire elder, and his claws were rather more successful than mine and Talia's. Armand and Harry put round after round into him, and even Kaleb heroically… surprisingly… hobbled up to leave a silver knife sticking out of the elder's rear.

Once Michael was finally down for the count, and Kaleb had made sure he wouldn't be regenerating, we loaded him up and took him back to the tribe so they could bury him properly. They were quite gracious, and even allowed the vampires to sleep and hunt since they would've been pushing it to get home before sunup.

Found out Dirk is quite handy with a sword, which is a bit more refined than I was expecting from him. I'll see if he can give me some tips, since I'm not doing very well fighting tooth and claw.

Took a day off  while I healed up the worst of my wounds, but covered the rest up and went back to school so I didn't miss too much. I need to avoid getting hurt so bad or someone's going to start getting suspicious about my "skating" injuries. 

Found out the vampires were going to go investigate the Hunters and decided to visit them first. Violent, prejudiced hunters in a room with violent, short-fused vampires was a recipe for disaster. There was someone there that, despite everything, I didn't want to become collateral damage. Of course talking to them didn't go to plan either.

Well, lets hope the Frank's plan is better than mine.

Heads up, Falling Werewolves

We headed back to the place where we were attacked by a giant spider, Kaleb decided to stay in the vehicle, he was still feeling the effects of the attack a few days earlier so the rest of us went to look around. As Tabitha was describing what she and only she could see spider webs ruined buildings etc she then up and disappeared on us, we stood around for a bit thinking were the hell did she go when from above came 2 falling Werewolves, and with some cool aerial acrobatics she managed to get the other Werewolf between her and the ground to soften the blow of the impact.

Then it was on, there was claws, shooting of guns, Frank telling him to freeze, more claws  more shooting, Kaleb with a silver butter knife and then a final shot to the head of Michael, he then fell to the ground. Checking to make sure he wasn't going to be getting back up we loaded Michael into the hummer and made our way to the pack so they could give him a proper send off. The Werewolves were very magnanimous hosts and after a brief chat they even let us stay the day since it was getting close to sun up and we would be pushing it to get back in time, so after a bit of hunting to feed it was time for bed which for me meant the soil beneath my feet while the others took lodgings in there meat chiller under ground. I liked it out here, being one with nature it feels right will have a chat to Tabitha to see if its ok with Jesus if he minds me coming out to the forest to hunt ( may have to get Dirk to show me some pointers since we seem to get along ) and to get away from the city life every now and then.

Next on the to do list was the hunters, we all gathered at the Elysium except Tabitha she seemed to running late so we waited and waited, hmm this seems weird for her not to be here so Frank gave her a call, no answer. So we asked the pack if they had seen or heard from her, but they had not, so Frank, Armand and Harry paid a visit to her dorm but her room mate had not seen her since she left class. With not knowing were Tabitha was Frank received a phone call form her phone, it was a mans voice on the other end who said  don't come after her or she die's. So off to the hunters place we go, we got a hire vehicle since we thought they have been stalking us and no what we drive and parked up down the road, Harry went for a wonder to have a bit of a snoop around there house to find out what we would be dealing with then came back to fill us in, with a plan hatched and Harry posing as a pizza delivery guy he walked up to the door and knocked, words were had and the door opened. Kaleb was the first out of the gate followed by me, Harry had scared the living shit out of the guy who had opened the door and he fled in terror just before Kaleb went charging through the open door to find a couple of guys on the couch playing xbox and automatic weapons slung over there shoulders, as i came through the door i smacked the first guy i could get to in the face, no claws as yet we shall see what this turns into first.





It was the best of times it was the worst of times
No it was the worst of times

Back investigating the Spider fight area Tabitha keeps talking about this weird new reality, one only she can see. Armand thinks he has sensed it too. Then Tabitha up and disappears. I look at Armand and he nods his head as to say "yep kinda expected that" Not knowing when or where she will pop up again I send her a text to let us know where she is. Not that i needed to as she appeared right above us two stories up with a massive wall of fur attached to her.

Look we have found the crazed werewolf …. remember attack from range everyone.

Somehow Tabitha escaped from his grasp and managed to fling him one hundred and eighty degrees and landed on his chest making him take the brunt of the fall. I prepare myself to stop this huge furry muscle wall with a command so the other can get a good shot on him.

Tabitha took a few swipes from the wolf as she got to her feet and he was shot a few times from the others. Hearing the sound of gunfire and screams of pain Kaleb got out of the hummer and headed to the frey.

Tabitha managed to get behind me knowing that I could stop him in his tracks. I would take the hit to save her as she did not look to good. This was not to be the case however. I let out what must have been a pitiful "Freeze?" as the wolf bounded toward me and managed to scrape my insides with his claws and make them outsides. It was definitely the worst of times as frank has not had to endure much physical pain before.

So now we had Tabitha, Tarlia and myself in combat, Kaleb was on his way. We had done the opposite of what we had be warned about… ah well. Armand and Harry were trying to shoot this thing but it must have been very difficult with all the bodies surrounding him.

Kaleb now attacking , Tarlia, Tabitha, myself we hear a "get the fuck out of the way" so i try one more Freeze! this one felt way better I had good eye contact but to no avail. But the rest fucked off and Harry and Armand put the wolf down and when down gave him one more to make sure.

We took the wolf back to his pack so he could get a proper burial. The pack allowed us to stay for the day as it is about forty five minutes out of town. In need of some healing blood I asked if we were allowed to hunt for the blood. They accepted but looked a little surprised. 

The next few day were set aside for healing.

When we were all back to fighting shape we all gathered at the elysium. Time to get onto our next order of business the Hunters. 

Waiting for everyone to turn up and it got later and later and no Tabitha. Weird.

I ring her and answer machine. We ask the wolves no nothing there, Myself Harry and Armand go to her dorm and she was at school but had left after class. I may have got into trouble leaving my details at the dorm.

I receive a call from Tabitha's phone later on that night but it was a chap on the end  "Don't come after her or she die's" and i answer with a "OK"

Right back to the elysium tell the gang and formulate a plan to break Tabitha out from the clutches of the Hunters. Those Hunters are in for a world of pain.

You don't fuck with the crew!


With our briefing on the order Frank wanted things done over, the first thing on the list was the Werewolf Elder we set up a meeting with Jesus and headed out we also found through Tabitha that it was not the Werewolves that had staked poor Jules, which was a good bit of news. We meet Jesus half way and there was a few things to chat about so we got into right away, first was what they thought had happened to the Werewolf elderf and there was a couple of things that it could have been, what ever the Surtess had done to him while been held prisoner or he had been affected by what they call the wyrm which was followed by a brief description on what it was were he may be and what to look out for, really glad we have a Werewolf on our team all though still learning all about this stuff i'm guessing this will be a good learning experience for her. the other stuff was letting them come into town to shop as they wish and they would let us into the forest, which im going to have a chat to Tabitha about but first things first lets find this Werewolf Elder.

Following the information that Jesus had given us we went searching untill we came across a part of town that felt very eerie, Kaleb offered to be bait and went forward to lure out the Werewolf Elder and it worked, but it was'nt the Werewolf he attracted it was some sort of giant spider type creature which landed on top of Kaleb pinning him to the ground and sinking its pinchers into Kaleb and just like that Kaleb was out of action, Harry and Armand took shots at it and it screamed in pain then took off up the side of the building, i followed keeping a little bit of distance between it and me while Frank and Tabitha took care of Kaleb, as it went down the other side of the building i ran to the edge to see and as it hit the ground it vanished, Harry and Armand came round the corner and i slide down the side of the building to meet them with no sight of were this thing had gone and after a quick chat we made our way back to the vehicle.

After looking at the condition Kaleb was in and pondering what action to take, we decided that it would be best if we took him back to his place and put him in his coffin, Frank said it would be a few days before Kaleb wakes and that he would be craving for blood, Harry used his ability to call a ton of rats which we stuffed into the coffin with Kaleb and then closed the lid. Apon waking Kaleb frenzied and destroyed not only the rats but his coffin and place, it was a bomb site, he then calmed down and made his way to the elysium still looking a bit worst for wear. We went back to the same place to see if we could started to peace together some information. It led us into the woods and Tabitha said that she saw spider webs everywhere and it must be the wyrm  the rest of us could not see anything was seeing, so lets find out were this little adventure takes us.

Pass me the Bug Spray

So having sorted out a few issues with Frank in a private sit down things seem to be back on track in that regards. 

Frank decided that finding Michael was top priority. We called a meeting with the Pack leader Jesus to check on a few things. I got to do the talking and it managed to show that I can be reasonably diplomatic as and when need demands. Anyway turns out they are not the ones killing the vampires but the Elder (Michael) has gone rogue. They gave us some advice on where to look, something about a spider worm.

They said there would be no blame if we kill Michael as they believed we will have too because he is too far gone.

We went for a drive to find this spider worm (spiderworm, spiderworm, does whatever a spiderworm does. Can he spin a web, any size? No he can't he's a worm. Lookout he's spiderworm).

We found an area with no animal life and lots of spiderwebs, we had been told that the spiderworm hunts things that are considered evil so even though I don't think we are I looked around the group and decided that the others were not really up to being bait so out I hopped and started to feed on a bum. Thats all I remember until I woke up in my coffin surrounded by lots of dead rats. 

I am still not well but am driving everyone while the search continues.

Smoke the Blighter Out
We'll put the beast to rout

Frank has decided to make finding Michael a priority. Unfortunately none of us really knew how to hunt a werewolf elder in a city. Short of driving me round the city with my nose hanging out the side window, which would have been neither effective, nor subtle.

So Frank asked me to contact Jesus so he could ask him what he knew. We met him, along with <s>Tucker and Dale</s> Dirk and Trent, on the outskirts of town. Frank seems to be making an effort to play nice with the werewolves. He remembered I'd mentioned the werewolves were having trouble getting groceries since they were barred from entering the town, so Frank relaxed that restriction.

The pack told us that unfortunately the normal methods of tracking wouldn't work with Michael. They suspected he was being influenced by the wyrm, which is some sort of powerful enemy of all life that werewolves feel is their duty to fight. Interesting there was no warning label about that before they asked me to join their club.

The best advice they could give was to check out the scummy areas of town. That is where the wyrm will be drawn to, and therefore Michael too. They also warned us that since they hadn't been patrolling the city, the wyrm was likely stronger than usual. Well, safe to say Frank will be inviting them back into town on wyrm-slaying duty whenever they want after what we saw.

Arachnids they said. Sounds like spiders, right? Maybe big ones? Spiders the size of cars we were not expecting. Kaleb bit off more than he could chew, but luckily the Arachnid wasn't a fan of fast traveling lead, and fled as soon as he got hit by those of us that had firearms. Harry, Talia and Armande gave chase while Frank and I stayed back to tend to Kaleb.

I was surprised to see Frank so ready to help Kaleb, after their tense interactions recently. In fact, at first I thought he was taunting the unconscious Kaleb by not giving him the small creatures he had handy for blood. Then I realised Frank is bunnyphobic.  Quite why he thought it a good idea to carry around a couple of rabbits he was so clearly afraid of I'll never know. Perhaps he thought they were intimidating?

After helping Frank with his bunnies, and getting Kaleb back into the car, we caught up with the guys with guns, who had gone after the Arachnid. They had tracked it to a spot in the middle of a block of buildings where it had apparently vanished into the ground. Finding no trace of it, and with Kaleb out of action, we decided to call it a night.

Unfortunately another vampire victim was found after that night. Not one any of us had met, thankfully. Weird that it seems less tragic when the death only impacts other people. Is that normal? The vampires might be rubbing off on me.

After some more advice from my tribe leader we went back the following night to where the Arachnid disappeared. I was to use my gifts to see into the spirit world to see if I could find Michael where the spirit world met our real world. Something, I immediately regretted doing.


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