Vampire: Kingdoms

Off we go to free a werewolf

Ok, so the hunter we tied up the night before was still there which was a bit of a surprise. So we start chatting to the hunter to get some info on the rest that are stalking us and all we get is swearing and cursing followed by abuse followed by more swearing and cursing, so Frank does him mind thingy on him and he starts to open up and give us info on where the other hunters are hiding out etc, just as Frank is about to make him forget Harry scares the living shit out of him which leads to him breaking his restraints and flees in absolute terror only to be dragged back by Kaleb and tied up again only to be able to get free ( which was part of our plan ) and carry on his way.

Once the hunter had called his cab and went on his merry way it was time for us to make a decision on whether we go spy on the hunters or go rescue the werewolf that was being held by the Nosferatu, with the party being split 50/50 Frank made the call and off to the Nosferatu we went. We get to the cemetery and make our way to the caretakers shed and after a bit of a search around we found a secret door leading down which lead to a large space with lots of coffins and after a little look around one of the larger coffins lid opened up, Harry went down followed by Frank and then the lid closes, hmm Frank and Harry seemed to be trapped, but it turns out the lid was on a sensor so one by one we make our way down. After looking around for a bit and Tabitha picking up on the scent of the werewolf we had to rescue and after moving forward we came across some complete darkness, which brought back a few memories of the four horseman but we carried on. We check out some doors and as we were checking out one of them there was a voice from behind us, i turned round to nothing ok time for claws to come out, with a bit more sniffing with Tabitha leading the way we found our werewolf but his cell was locked with bars and between Kaleb using brute strength and me clawing at the walls it was going to take some time which we didnt have since there was an alarm going off. Frank, Harry and Armand going to see if one of the rooms we came across had a system for opening the cells while Kaleb and i Keep hacking away at the bars and wall, it also turns out that Tabitha is a bit of a contortionist as she managed to fit her way between the bars, O to be that young and flexible again. Thankful one of the others must of found the switch cos the bars unlocked, Kaleb picked up the guy and we started to head out.

Moving quickly with Kaleb leading the way we pass one of the rooms were Frank seemed to be destroying as much of the computer systems as he could and he seemed to have a smile on his face as he was doing it, i'm guessing he was having fun. As i make my way through the darkness and come out the other side i start to take hits from gun fire, which would suggest it's time to have some fun smiley.

Quite a place you have here.
oh that's so nosferatu

We decided something ! it took a vote but we …. kinda … sort of … maybe decided something.

We were split 50/50 on going to the Nosferatu base or to go deal with the Hunters.

Earlier that night we got as much information out of the poor hunter that Armand had captured as we could. I think we scared him ….. a lot….  he managed to break free of the bonds he was in when we started taking about erasing his memory.

I implanted false memory of him escaping us. But now we know where their base is and who is in charge.

Some of us then wanted to then go visit the Hunters…………. after I spent two hours making him forget stuff so we could deal with them at a later date. We could have kept him at our base and then gone and dealt with them if that was the case…. anyway we decided to go break out this werewolf. So we have a favor to call on sometime from the werewolves.

Some of us were a little afraid of attacking the Nosferatu and to be fair their concerns were valid. But we had to do something. We had been told by Dog that most of the Nosferatu would follow us if we took out the leadership…. and the "Leadership" told me to "Fuck Off" and that cant stand.

So we enter the small caretakers shed where the rats had given us a lead ( thank you rats ) – off topic i can now talk to these little fellows – we found a trap door leading down.

This led to a very large crypt with many many coffins. We searched around for a bit and came across a large ornate coffin. The lid opened up as we approached. Harry went down first then I followed and the coffin lid closed… gulp…. first thought is "im now trapped down here with a lot of invisible Nosferatu" but after a few seconds, that felt like hours the lid opened again and the rest of the party came down one by one.

A bit of exploring and we came across a area of magical darkness. Again it felt like ages passing through it but eventually we came ot the other side.

The weird thing about this place is there is heaps of human stuff around, they must have human help.

We came to a few locked doors and we herd a voice behind us as we tired to get past a locked door " I wish you had not done that" I spun around to see nothing…

Another door opened and closed and the alarms went off…. Dam it… time for crazy mode.

Much bashing in doors, franticly searching rooms to find this werewolf that Tabitha said we were very close to now ( good nose on that one)

We found him in a cell with a very strong door. (guess it had to be holding a werewolf)

Armand myself and maybe Harry i guess, he is always invisible were looking for a way to open the locked doors. The rest tired to break down the door and managed to get Tabitha in there.

The doors opened Im guessing thanks to Harry,  Kaleb picked up the weakened and unconscious werewolf and it was time to leave the building.

We came back into the room with the alarms and security . Tab tired to stop the alarms without success. Kaleb and the rest kept running. I decided to sabotage this place. So I grabbed as much wires and cables as possible and ripped them out and then jumped on their technical stuff…. ha ha haaaa take that.

Then into and out of the darkness again and the fight happened.


Where do you fit??

So not much to report this week… Don't know if I want to be Master of the Elysium, its just a glorified waiter and Janitor position I think. Besides Frank keeps referring to the stupid bitch he put in charge of the Daeva and telling her she can decide how we decorate. She may as well be master of the elysium as well. 

Tabitha may have to give up the sheriff position as she has to decide if she is going to be a part of the Werewolf Pack. They actually don't seem to be a bad bunch of guys. We accepted terms with them and we are going to try and find one of theirs who have been captured by the Surtees.

I must admit the fact we cant go to the woods but they can come and go wherever they please may cause a few issues later. Frank better have a plan for that one.

Still researching the Surtees lair (well the geeks are). Have not found any underground fights yet either. Lets see what tomorrow brings.


Harry is tired.

Well he would be if he still suffered that human weakness. One aspect that wouldnt be missed. Still as far as a vampire could get Harry is tired. After all the horrific experiences during the phoenix fiasco he now finds himself in a when and while the taint of the other recedes its poisonous claws, it leaves the fresh wounds of another start behind. Frank finally has his throne however his kingdom is like his palace, a building with walls but no structure. That in part can be literally attributed to the aftermath of Carlos little meltdown. That narcissist has got even worse..

Behest on many sides by the machinations of mortal society, slavering infested hounds and splintering of the masquerade the newcomers seem stuck in where to press forward. Unexpectedly the hounds pay a visit, luckily for the court the only offensive they come with is their wet manky odour. A deal of sorts is struck, the agreed accord like a thin string. A bit more pressure will see it snap.

To clear his sanity Harry goes somewhere offering solace. Namingly the graveyard subject to busier periods during the night than the day. There amongst his feral friends he finds a building that could help lead the saviors to cleanse the wound the Nosferatu have opened. Arriving back to the palace also find that our little snooper on roof 2 has been confirmed and caught. The beasts within have a little victim to play with. What tune will this bird sing?…


Kanine Krunchies
Happy dogs are those who eat

I met up with some of the local hunters after they left us a message. Turned out it’s the kid who recognised Talia. Surprise! They seem convinced that the “fangs” are holding me against my will. They’ve some evidence that could hurt the masquerade too, though I don’t know what they plan to do with it.

And then Don decided to tell me Jesus, the local leader of the werewolves wanted to meet me. Surprise! At least the werewolves seem… friendly. Jesus decreed that they were coming to the club to meet Frank that night. Won’t that be a lovely surprise for Frank.

Jesus brought enough werewolves with him he could’ve killed the lot of us several times over, but they didn’t seem aggressive. More like awkward teens at a school prom waiting for someone to dare cross over and ask for someone to dance. Well Talia tried, and even Kaled unsuccessfully tried to feed them (surprise?). While we stood in awkwardness, Frank and Jesus headed off to their little office to discuss whatever leaders discuss. A treaty probably.

After that Jesus had a quiet word with me. Seems he wants me to choose if I want to be considered part of his pack, or as just another part of the vampires crew. It’s tough, I mean their (mostly) my friends and have always had my back, but there’s so much I could learn from the tribe, and I do sometimes feel like I’m missing something by not having been around werewolves.

Decided to head home and get sleep on it at that point. Hopefully Harry has found us a lead at the graveyard, and that there aren’t any more surprises when I get to the club tonight.

I have my very own Stalker

With more research into the Surtess im starting to wonder why we are even bothering, apart from telling us to fuck off and a small scuffle. Which i have to say was kind of our doing, we were on there turf without out permission and they did ask us to leave before attacking, but i guess they are a rogue clan with intentions, and having info on them may give us the upper hand if things do turn to shit. Tabitha came back with something interesting, we have a meeting with the leader of local pack of werewolves, well Frank does which kind a put him on the spot a little  and that i have a stalker, im such a lucky girl. Unfortunately it's a local hunter who is the son of a lady i used to teach with back in the day, im not that fussed with it at the moment but i will be keep my guard up a little bit more knowing that he's out there and i may even go have words with him at some point.

The meeting with Jesus went well i guess, Frank and Jesus went to the back office to chat while the rest of us hung out in the club in awkward silence, we did try and get to know them but it seems in this time everybody around here don't get along to well but a couple of them opened up a bit and made some small talk, hopefully we can change that in time and as long as we don't mess with them they wont mess with us, which is cool with me since none of us have any problem with them. It also turns out the rogue Nosferatu have one of there kind and all tho it's not really our problem it may help with them trusting us a bit. As for young Tabitha she has a decision to make Jesus has given her an ultimatum, it's either us or them. I am a little conflicted with this as i see her as one of us, but she is new to this werewolf thing herself and she will be with us as a buffer between us and them, she will also be with her own kind and they can teach her things that none of us ever could.

As the night was winding down i was at the club by myself and getting ready to head out for a good days sleep when Armand walks in with a unconscious human that he had gone one on one with, so i did my best to tie him up and im just hoping he is still there when i wake the next night.


Time to earn the Donship
Frank realises what needs to be done

Having the position "Don" thrust upon me I have had to lean on the go.

At first it was new and fun handing out titles making a new Kingdom and Elysium trying not to be like Astion. But it came with setting up new rules that we had not had to obey for a very long time and choosing between "friends" and strangers for Titles. Vampires looking at us and saying Fuck Off!. I cant blame them either some unknown guy turns up in your city and tells everyone Im now THE LEADER so respect my authoritah! I think i would say fuck off too.

We all had been doing research into the Surtees to see if anything could give us the upper hand and Tabitha somehow managed to get the Clan of Werewolves to tell us they are having a meeting at our Elysium! 

Again not quite what I expected and a Don of a Kingdom being told that a group of potentially hostile Werewolves are coming and no idea of amount or intention.

Turns out they wanted a treaty I did not see the point we have no intention of going to war or anything to do with them. They seam happy living out in the woods.

One thing I did prick my ears up at though they want to be responsible for Tabitha. If she chooses that she would like to fall under the laws of the werewolves then she can no longer be the Sheriff ( something I do not want to happen ) or if she chooses to fall under the rule of us the Vampires she will no longer be a werewolf to the pack. She will be seen as a Vampire.

Now the Kingdom is a strange thing there are not a lot of Vampires to rule so at the moment and it feels a little bear bones. But I have been put into the Don Role by the phoenix for some reason. So I think I have come up with some idea's to make things run a little smoother.

1 Blood – having a good supply of blood at our "Night Club" will be a good way to make other Vampires want to come to our Elysium. We still have the formula for synthetic blood and Tabitha is quite the chemist so we are set to start trying to get that working as soon as possible. Only members under Our rule shall be able to partake of that blood.

2 Strong – at the moment I think we are regarded as not to powerful so we will have to flex our mussels. Unfortunately this means the rogue Nosferatu. Now they really have not done anything to us apart from tell us to Fuck Off. Yes they did attack us but we were down in their storm water drains ( they can keep them as far as im concerned ) But they do make a good message to everyone else. If we "deal with them" for doing nothing but tell us to fuck off and a small tussle it will show we do not put up with shit and if you give us shit you will be dealt with. 

We all so have some Hunters to deal with. They have some pictures but we have a wolf.

Apparently scary if they see her change form.


It's not my fault if in God's plan he made the devil so much stronger than a man

We recruited a new guy today. French guy, name of Armand. While I say new, as I’ve never met him before, he did do some work with the others a while back. Well, they worked with him, but he has no memory of it cause it was the other timeline. Nope, not confusing at all.

At least they didn’t try to explain that all to him. Except they did. I’m amazed he didn’t flee from the building full of crazy people. Instead he processed it scientifically and seemed quite comfortable, if a little surprised. Suppose it will be nice to have someone around who can follow an intelligent conversation for a change.

Clarissa said we’re going to have a party. I’m sure being a werewolf at a vampire ball won’t be awkward at all. She also took rather viciously to poor Talia’s dress and offered to dress her proper. It’s a wonder she let me off the hook, but perhaps “lost cause” is more what she was thinking for me. Wait till she sees Frank’s new outfit though, I’ve always wanted to hear the male equivalent to “mutton dressed as lamb.”

During the night, Talia also told us she had a bad feeling so both Harry (THAT’S HIS NAME!) and I took turns having a look around. It was Harry who found the spot someone had been watching the club and he asked me to go up and have a sniff around. To my surprise, I recognised the smell, and if it’s who I think it is I may need to intervene before someone causes trouble for everyone.

Speaking of new people, I finally met another werewolf. Turns out it’s another boy from the academy. His name is Dom and he runs with a group of werewolves that live in the forests around the town. I’ll have to get to know him better as I’m sure Frank will want to know more about these vampires. It’ll be nice to have another werewolf to talk to as well.

The next night Frank made me genuinely fear for his life for the first time. He promoted Clarissa to head of Clan Daeva ahead of Kaleb. You should’ve seen Kaleb’s face. Actually no, you shouldn’t, it’s scary enough normally. Now he looks like he’s just a hairs breadth from killing his own friends.

Later we headed out to the graveyard to check follow up on a lead that led us to the Surtees family crypt. Armand and I had spent a great deal of time researching city plans and while we couldn’t find what we wanted exactly, we could tell there were things there not shown in the “official” maps.

The security of the graveyard was predictably easy to circumvent, although it turns out Frank is good friends with the council and we probably could’ve just got permission instead. The Surtees crypt however was another story, and without a solid plan we decided discretion was the better part for the night.


The night started off with introducing and old friend, Armand. Who unfortunately didn't remember who the rest of us were, but after all the formality stuff Frank took him aside and filled him in on the events that had transpired to us since we last saw him. After all was done and Armand was all caught up and probably thinking what the fuck,  Frank gave city hall a call to see if he could dig up some info on the Surtess  Family crypts while Tabitha and Armand put there heads together to see what they could come up with. Also that night my vampire senses were tingling and i had a strange feeling something was not right, which Harry and Tabitha managed to narrow it down to someone watching us on a roof top 500m away, but by the time they got there, who ever was there had gone.

The following night Frank gave Clarissa her new title which did not go over well with Kaleb, he got passed over for head of clan Daeva, and needless to say toys were thrown out of his cot. So we will see how that turns out cos all she seems to have done since being invited here has been to turn her nose up at everything including us, but she does no other vampires so it could turn out to be in our favor, but personally i don't really care about all this political BS just as long as the 5, wait, 6 of us stick together through this, what ever this maybe since the phoenix. Once Kaleb had vented his frustrations he returned, still slightly simmering we headed out to check on the info that Frank had gotten from city hall which lead us to the cemetery but it was closed for the night, with a bit of lock picking from Tabitha the gate was soon open and then Frank's phone rings, it was Susan from city hall letting Frank know that it was normally correct etiquette to ask for permission first before one enter's, Frank managed to sweet talk Susan and told her we would only be a matter of moments and that it would be all locked up before we go. After a quick look around with nothing really found we headed off making sure it was all locked up and secure.

Fucking ungrateful pompous arsehole
(what The Don's Title should be)

So after saving his arse on more than one occassion the little mind fucking upstart overlooks me and promotes some fucking bitch we have only met once before, who could be playing us to head of my Clan. My position is a glorified fucking janitor and bouncer whipty fucking shit.  No fucking loyalty from this has been politician, maybe its time to just fuck off or even see what the other side has to offer.

Anyway some other shit happened aswell… Armand turned up again but it appears he does not remember the other timeline.

I went and had a work out on some bags some walls basically anything that looked at me funny. 

I am still trying to find any underground fights to join in or start a stable.

Not sure what all the rest did while I was away but when i get back, Fucking Ungrateful Pompous Arsehole (Fupa for short) decided we had to go investigate the Surtees crypts, WTF??? He gave them a week to respond and its been like 2 nights and they have 30+ Nosferatu under their rule yep lets go to their home territory as a group of 6.  After breaking in Fupa gets a phone call because we have been spotted on security cams. So i head back to the truck and wait and stew. 

Not Fucking Happy.


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