Vampire: Kingdoms

Which way is up?

This evening has been my own personal Neo experience. I'm an academic right? Studied, measured, I deal in facts by empirical observation. Dealing in anthrocryptidology is to be sure, not a mainstream discipline, but that's only because people don't see. Or rather, as the infinitely reproduceable Agent Smith once said, they see what they expect to see. Well, tonight, I had a group of kindred (disparate yes, but kindred nonetheless) explain to me that not only are other timelines, but I've been in one, but don't recall as I wasn't near the temporal, whatever it was when history was rent, and then reset here in 2017. That's what they said, reset. Like the whole shooting box was rewritten at this point in the here and now.  Knowledge, once regarded as restricted, at least to some, was not only obsolete but they told me things I could never have guessed in a million years.

I can say, here and now – the Supernatural world is far stranger than mortals can imagine.

And it's apparent that the brave new world starts here. Possibly, again…






Setting up a Kingdom is hard without Vampires.
Frank will upset someone

Waking up to darkness again Frank hurriedly gets up and rushes to see his new feeding clothes. Frank is excited.

Not quite what he was expecting but these new style clothes will now put a smug look on his face when he goes back to the night club that he had to pay begrudgingly one hundred dollars just to enter. Frank will take pride when he strides on in looking the part. Frank is happy.

Before heading out for his nights feeding there is business to attend to. Caroline Montague informs Frank that there is a man by the name Armand Jeancleu arriving to give insight to the Four Horsemen. Frank gives a slight grin as he know this man from his past life. He wonders to himself if he too knows of his past life.

Talia Introduces Armand and the discussion takes place. It seams to Frank that Armand has no knowledge of his previous life. This now confirms to Frank that anyone not in the immediate area when the Phoenix erupted into flames has no knowledge of their past life. This to Frank and his fellow team members gives a great deal of power.

Frank wastes no time in bringing Armand into the fold and giving him the title of Whip. After spending two hours talking with Armand about how things have come to pass it is time to get back to the task of finding more information about these rogue Nostfuratu. 

A quick phone call to City Hall Frank gathers much information on the Sutress family crypts and sends the information to Tabitha and Armand. those two are made for each other Armand a natural researcher and Tabitha a whiz on the Computer.


After everyone had their tasks for the night it was time for Frank to Don the new feeding clothes and go see the bouncer of the night club and stroll on in.

Frank not leaving anything to chance he had placed a fifty dollar note in this palm ready to pay off the bouncer in case he made a scene again. Steeping up to the entrance it looked as though the bouncer was to let Frank in. Frank felt pleased and palmed the bouncer the fifty as a thank you. Feeding went off with out a hitch.


Upon arriving back at the Elysium everyone seamed on edge. There was someone watching the building and seamed to have taken up a sniping position five hundred meters up the road.  A bit of investigation later and nothing lead to any leads. Time to go to bed.


The next night it was time to give Clarissa Armitage her new title The Woman's Weekly thanks to Caroline whom had not told Clarissa this was the reason why she was summond. This gave Frank a much needed boost in the eyes of Clarissa. Time to take advantage of the situation Franks Kingdom needed Vampires and Clarissa had contacts. seeing that Clarissa was a somewhat vein Vampire he gave her the Position of Head of Daeva Clan. Her eyes lit up and was immediately on her phone texting everyone she knew and was new setting up a small meet and greet. As she was setting up the meet and greet and rather large wall of mussel stormed past Frank and headed out the door. Frank had forgotten that Kaleb wanted that position but what was done was done Clarissa benefited the Kingdom more as Clan Head than Kaleb. Frank may live to regret this.

Now it was time to put these new maps of the Sutress family crypts to good use. We arrived at the cemetery and were welcomed with a large gate and padlock , easy enough to by pass as we did Frank received a phone call from the lovely Susan from City Hall. "Frank it is normal for you to ask permission to enter the crematory at night". Frank a bit perplexed looked around and saw a security camera looking right at them. Ummm thank you Susan for alerting me to this we shall not be long would you like to come to the opening of our new night club in a few weeks as my guest? …. Crap would it not be better to forget about this masquerade and not give a shit like Kaleb?  no must not think that way.

A search of the crypts revealed nothing. There must be another way in. Back to the drawing board.

Old Man Frank please Fuck Off

After Dog gave us some info on the Nosferatu, we head out for a bite to eat. We get to the night club and Frank gets stopped as im aloud to walk on pass, turns out Frank is to old for todays club scene, poor Frank, i should have gone back and told the bouncer he was my sugar daddy for a bit of a laugh.

The next night Dogs hound Romulus is waiting patiently with a note for us, it had the location of the Nosferatu. The location was a manhole cover leading into the storm water drain, at least it wasnt the sewer, and with kaleb being over dressed for the occasion he pops back home to get changed. With the muscle back Kaleb lefts up the manhole cover with ease which caught the attention of some teenages which lead to Kaleb doing a bit of show boating on how strong he was.

After the teens were out of sight we made our way down into the storm water drain, Tabitha then changed and started sniffing round. Once she was locked onto a scent she was was off with us following behind, Kaleb spotted a symbol on the wall we stopped looked and the proceeded forth. A little while later we hear a voice asking who we were? Frank replies with we would like to speak to the heads of your clan, which was replied with a fuck off! Which was followed up with us getting into a scuffel, which lead me to witness something that im guessing none of us had seen before, Tabitha, with which im on taking a stab in the dark with here, started to frenzy. She grew in size and had a look of berserker rage in her eyes, which was cool to see but also a little frightening as it seemed our sweet and innocent teen wolf was know longer in control, she then ran off into the darkness, i followed, found her kept my distance a bit, but she was back to her old self.

After finding Tab we headed back to Frank and Kaleb , we then followed what sounded like someone having a conversation and when we got close Frank jumps out and introduces himself to a vampire called Charles, who was talking to Chelsea Surtees, with which Franks conversation with her ended in another Fuck Off, which started to annoy Frank a wee bit. But Charles was helpful and gave us some information and his tablet if we needed to get in touch with him, so we headed back home to freshen up, but as we were leaving an older lady came up to me and asked if i was Talia, not sure how to answer i went with no, and during the conversation i start to realise that we taught at the same school together, i would have liked to have been up front with her but decided it was better not to so we went our seperate ways.

A little spelunking

So I woke up and it was time to go introduce ourselves to the Nosferatu. After getting a note from Dog's dog. We found our way down into the stormwater drains and encountered what turned out to be a Sabat patrol. Things went the way they should and after ripping them apart we moved on and found a Nos who is not keen on their Hierachy. He was chatting to a familiar bitch on his Tablet, its those Surtees fuckers who are running the show for the Nos. Strange though Chelsea has no idea who we are. The conversation ended abruptly when she hung up on us. Oh well things might get even more interesting.

Dig A Little Deeper
It really ain't that far

The world is even more different than I realised. Cause there's less supernaturals around, Dad didn't abandon us when I was a kid to go on his crusade. Instead he hung around long enough for his friend to… well, I'm not going in to that here. In the end, Dad still left, so I guess some things don't change.

Since making friends with vampires the number of times I go stomping around underground have increased by… uh, at least double, or twice, however that works.

Of course, when you look like a Nosferatu, underground is a common place to congregate. And it seems there's plenty doing the congregating under our city. And they don't like us. At all.

They made that quite clear when they flat out refused to talk, and then jumped us when we didn't leave. It was a pretty scary fight, but we came out on top, although I don't remember much of it. I think I might have run away as I found myself alone in the dark down one of the side tunnels. Talia found me though and showed me how to get back to the group.

When we found the room they were protecting there was another one in there who was talking to someone online on a tablet (amazing wi-fi for underground.) The group were shocked to see Chelsea Surtees on the screen. I was less shocked, I barely knew her but she did look kinda familiar.

There was much posturing and snarky comments, and after she hung up I think if Frank had any spare blood it would've all rushed to his head.

If i get told "Fuck Off" again i'm going to loose my shit
Best Comeback : No you Fuck Off

So after our disastrous first meeting at the Heap of shit Elysium we had time to have a little chat and then go quench our thirst.

Apparently I am an old man in this part of the world as i tried to get into a nightclub for my nightly sustenance and was stopped at the door. I was traveling with Talia and she was allowed right on in. Must do something about that.

The next night we got a note from Romulus it was from Dog. He has given us an address to start negotiations with the Nosfuratu.

After arriving at the address which was a manhole Kalab went right back home got changed and brought a torch.

Upon lifting the manhole we were spotted by some youths ( must get my mindset into the Masquerade or we will all suffer)

A bit of talking and another $100 later going to Kaleb we waited for them to disperse then made our way down the manhole.

Thankfully it was not a sewer it was storm water pipes. Much much bigger.

Our wolf changed and started to sniff around , she was definitely onto something.

We followed her for about thirty minutes until we spotted a small symbol, we kept following it until ……. Who are you? came from a voice in the distance. Frank Tepisko we need to talk with your Clan Head or Heads…..

It was then "Fuck Off" was hurled at me with force.

I retorted with a "No"

It was on!.  We all then apart from myself got a foot or a fist to some part of our body.

There was sniggers, screams of pain, Snapping of necks, Biting and Gnashing of teeth, Rats, Claws all ending in the Nosfuratu either Dead, fleeing, or invisible.

Our Wolf got much bigger and took off towards the dark and then Talia went on after her leaving me with Kaleb and something in his hands that i did not want to look at so i avoided it as much as i could. 

We caught up with the two girls and heard a sound in the distance.

We got closer to the sound and it sounded like someone talking to another someone through a phone ot speaker of some sort.

I jumped out around the corner and introduced myself the man holding a tablet was not impressed and was talked to sternly by the female voice on the other end.

"Turn me around Idiot"
upon the Tablet being turned we were face to face with none other than Chelsea Surtees. This was both good and bad news. Good new i know a little about her and bad news what little i know she is one take no shit determined lady and has two power full brothers.

She then told me to "Fuck Off" this being about third or fourth time i have heard that tonight i took a bit of a disliking to it She called me Little Prince and Quaint all to get a reaction so i played the I know more than you think i know card. I think i got her attention. Lets see if she bites.

Charles gave us some information and his tablet if we needed to get ahold of him so we headed back home and freshen up for the next night to see where it would take us.


What the Fuck
What the Fuck What the fucking fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

So one minute we are fighting beating shit up and having fun with the horsemen and the next I fall unconscious and pain. The next I am standing in a shitty nightclub that evidently is our haven back in 2017. The rest of the crew are here including my pet. Evidently Frank is now the prince of this domain. We seem to remember everything that happened but things have changed. Supernatural's are now a secret from our food source as it appears the old Masquerade is back in play. 

In walks bloody Catherine Monatague it appear that she and Dog (yep hes here too) don't remember the stuff that has happened. Its like we have been jumped into an alternative reality.

Franks the fucking Prince, how the fuck did that happen.

We get visited by some obnoxious tossers one of who just wants power and one of who has an unnatural obsession with my pet.

Anyway it appears there are some Nosferatu who don't like the Masquerade and prefer the Sabat so we may have to put them down. That could be fun.

If I find Frank is just fucking with my mind I am going to rip his arms off, wait for them to grow back and rip them off again.

A Whole New World
On a magic carpet ride

Burning agony and heat. The brief sense of smelling your own flesh cook before all sensation fades and then…

Tabby was standing in a dimly lit nightclub. Not really her sort of place, though it might be better with the lights going and some decent music, and some actual clubbers. Instead she was surrounded by familiar faces. It felt weird to be relieved to see the likes of Frank, Kaleb, and Talia (and that other one), but at least if they’d survived what had just happened, then maybe everything was okay now.

Caroline Montague and Dog were also here, the latter of which seemed to be in the midst of a very confusing conversation with Frank. Apparently Frank was now royalty or something, and Dog was subservient to him. No, Frank is the Prince, the authority for the vampires that choose to live in this town. Tabby wasn’t sure how she knew this but now it seemed obvious.

The sight of Dog made Tabby subconsciously check her clothes, something about him looking at her made her want more layers on. Whoa, I wasn’t wearing these a moment ago. The fingerless gloves, ripped tank, short sleeved shirt, and fitted jeans, they were the sort of clothes she used to wear back in Oregon. Then she realised what else felt unusual, she wasn’t wearing her glasses.

She felt around her face as though her glasses might be hiding in a corner somewhere, but something in the corner of her eye redirected her attention. Wait, that’s not right. She tentatively pulled a strand of hair forward. Why is my hair blonde?

“Tabby could be the sheriff”

Wait, what?

Tabby snapped her attention back to the group in front of her where Caroline had just volunteered her to keep order in the old west or something.

“Yeah, that makes sense, what do you say Tabby?”

“Um,” Tabby tried to sound confident so they didn’t notice that she wasn’t paying attention. “Okay?” she failed.

Luckily her distraction was quickly forgotten as two new visitors entered the room. They were both vampires, a man and a woman, and both well dressed and attractive, though the man had a nervous quality about him.

They were introduced as Clarissa Armitage and Jules Campion, and it seemed they also were seeking positions in Frank’s council. Clarissa in particular seemed to think she would be incredibly useful in whatever role she was given, though the more important the better.

Jules was more distracted by Tabby it seemed. At least by the fact that she was the only non-vampire in the room, and was really short. She narrowed her eyes at this, it’s okay to notice I’m the odd one out, but leave my height out of this.

Tabby silently vowed to take every opportunity possible to mess with Jules now, and even offered to escort them out. Jules made full use of this opportunity to perfect his look of dumbfounded confusion, "but she's so small! And tiny."

Unfortunately there was some bad news at the end of the meeting. Apparently not every vampire in town was as willing to recognise Frank’s rule. In order to be regarded as legitimate he was first going to have to deal with these Nosferatu.

What is old is new again
I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto

I wake up from searing pain and darkness to Dog asking that he wants to have a place on the council. I know not what is happening but I do know what's happening.

Last I remember is burning to death from the Phoenix in a LOT of pain to now being Prince of a Small City and its always been this way.

I remember it being far in the future but now its 2017 and all seams normal.

I think this Phoenix has somehow reset life.

Its a new start sort of.

I am sitting in my proud shit house rundown elysium with the rest of the "Old crew".

We are all a little shocked but somehow it seams normal.

Caroline Montague walks in and she is now my Right Hand. We start to set up our Kingdom (and im not going to call it that. To many bad memories )

I ask what the crew would like to do or be – we still sorting that out when Caroline Montague says " your guests are here"

I do not remember asking for them but send them in.

Talia our new Harpy try's to announce them ( we are not ready for this )

Two Vampires turn up we have a small chat ( trying to hold my ground and act Princely. Did not go the best I think. Definitely have room to improve )

So all i can make out at the moment is we have to establish a new Kingdom ( dam it can't think of better name yet )

And we already have a group of bad guys to deal with. Just so happens to be the Clan Nosferatu .. They seam unhappy.

Most important of all is we can not break the Masquerade now we will all get hunted and die…again…again and the Nosferatu are sounding like they are going to.



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