Vampire: Kingdoms

It was the best of times it was the worst of times
No it was the worst of times

Back investigating the Spider fight area Tabitha keeps talking about this weird new reality, one only she can see. Armand thinks he has sensed it too. Then Tabitha up and disappears. I look at Armand and he nods his head as to say "yep kinda expected that" Not knowing when or where she will pop up again I send her a text to let us know where she is. Not that i needed to as she appeared right above us two stories up with a massive wall of fur attached to her.

Look we have found the crazed werewolf …. remember attack from range everyone.

Somehow Tabitha escaped from his grasp and managed to fling him one hundred and eighty degrees and landed on his chest making him take the brunt of the fall. I prepare myself to stop this huge furry muscle wall with a command so the other can get a good shot on him.

Tabitha took a few swipes from the wolf as she got to her feet and he was shot a few times from the others. Hearing the sound of gunfire and screams of pain Kaleb got out of the hummer and headed to the frey.

Tabitha managed to get behind me knowing that I could stop him in his tracks. I would take the hit to save her as she did not look to good. This was not to be the case however. I let out what must have been a pitiful "Freeze?" as the wolf bounded toward me and managed to scrape my insides with his claws and make them outsides. It was definitely the worst of times as frank has not had to endure much physical pain before.

So now we had Tabitha, Tarlia and myself in combat, Kaleb was on his way. We had done the opposite of what we had be warned about… ah well. Armand and Harry were trying to shoot this thing but it must have been very difficult with all the bodies surrounding him.

Kaleb now attacking , Tarlia, Tabitha, myself we hear a "get the fuck out of the way" so i try one more Freeze! this one felt way better I had good eye contact but to no avail. But the rest fucked off and Harry and Armand put the wolf down and when down gave him one more to make sure.

We took the wolf back to his pack so he could get a proper burial. The pack allowed us to stay for the day as it is about forty five minutes out of town. In need of some healing blood I asked if we were allowed to hunt for the blood. They accepted but looked a little surprised. 

The next few day were set aside for healing.

When we were all back to fighting shape we all gathered at the elysium. Time to get onto our next order of business the Hunters. 

Waiting for everyone to turn up and it got later and later and no Tabitha. Weird.

I ring her and answer machine. We ask the wolves no nothing there, Myself Harry and Armand go to her dorm and she was at school but had left after class. I may have got into trouble leaving my details at the dorm.

I receive a call from Tabitha's phone later on that night but it was a chap on the end  "Don't come after her or she die's" and i answer with a "OK"

Right back to the elysium tell the gang and formulate a plan to break Tabitha out from the clutches of the Hunters. Those Hunters are in for a world of pain.

You don't fuck with the crew!


With our briefing on the order Frank wanted things done over, the first thing on the list was the Werewolf Elder we set up a meeting with Jesus and headed out we also found through Tabitha that it was not the Werewolves that had staked poor Jules, which was a good bit of news. We meet Jesus half way and there was a few things to chat about so we got into right away, first was what they thought had happened to the Werewolf elderf and there was a couple of things that it could have been, what ever the Surtess had done to him while been held prisoner or he had been affected by what they call the wyrm which was followed by a brief description on what it was were he may be and what to look out for, really glad we have a Werewolf on our team all though still learning all about this stuff i'm guessing this will be a good learning experience for her. the other stuff was letting them come into town to shop as they wish and they would let us into the forest, which im going to have a chat to Tabitha about but first things first lets find this Werewolf Elder.

Following the information that Jesus had given us we went searching untill we came across a part of town that felt very eerie, Kaleb offered to be bait and went forward to lure out the Werewolf Elder and it worked, but it was'nt the Werewolf he attracted it was some sort of giant spider type creature which landed on top of Kaleb pinning him to the ground and sinking its pinchers into Kaleb and just like that Kaleb was out of action, Harry and Armand took shots at it and it screamed in pain then took off up the side of the building, i followed keeping a little bit of distance between it and me while Frank and Tabitha took care of Kaleb, as it went down the other side of the building i ran to the edge to see and as it hit the ground it vanished, Harry and Armand came round the corner and i slide down the side of the building to meet them with no sight of were this thing had gone and after a quick chat we made our way back to the vehicle.

After looking at the condition Kaleb was in and pondering what action to take, we decided that it would be best if we took him back to his place and put him in his coffin, Frank said it would be a few days before Kaleb wakes and that he would be craving for blood, Harry used his ability to call a ton of rats which we stuffed into the coffin with Kaleb and then closed the lid. Apon waking Kaleb frenzied and destroyed not only the rats but his coffin and place, it was a bomb site, he then calmed down and made his way to the elysium still looking a bit worst for wear. We went back to the same place to see if we could started to peace together some information. It led us into the woods and Tabitha said that she saw spider webs everywhere and it must be the wyrm  the rest of us could not see anything was seeing, so lets find out were this little adventure takes us.

Pass me the Bug Spray

So having sorted out a few issues with Frank in a private sit down things seem to be back on track in that regards. 

Frank decided that finding Michael was top priority. We called a meeting with the Pack leader Jesus to check on a few things. I got to do the talking and it managed to show that I can be reasonably diplomatic as and when need demands. Anyway turns out they are not the ones killing the vampires but the Elder (Michael) has gone rogue. They gave us some advice on where to look, something about a spider worm.

They said there would be no blame if we kill Michael as they believed we will have too because he is too far gone.

We went for a drive to find this spider worm (spiderworm, spiderworm, does whatever a spiderworm does. Can he spin a web, any size? No he can't he's a worm. Lookout he's spiderworm).

We found an area with no animal life and lots of spiderwebs, we had been told that the spiderworm hunts things that are considered evil so even though I don't think we are I looked around the group and decided that the others were not really up to being bait so out I hopped and started to feed on a bum. Thats all I remember until I woke up in my coffin surrounded by lots of dead rats. 

I am still not well but am driving everyone while the search continues.

Smoke the Blighter Out
We'll put the beast to rout

Frank has decided to make finding Michael a priority. Unfortunately none of us really knew how to hunt a werewolf elder in a city. Short of driving me round the city with my nose hanging out the side window, which would have been neither effective, nor subtle.

So Frank asked me to contact Jesus so he could ask him what he knew. We met him, along with <s>Tucker and Dale</s> Dirk and Trent, on the outskirts of town. Frank seems to be making an effort to play nice with the werewolves. He remembered I'd mentioned the werewolves were having trouble getting groceries since they were barred from entering the town, so Frank relaxed that restriction.

The pack told us that unfortunately the normal methods of tracking wouldn't work with Michael. They suspected he was being influenced by the wyrm, which is some sort of powerful enemy of all life that werewolves feel is their duty to fight. Interesting there was no warning label about that before they asked me to join their club.

The best advice they could give was to check out the scummy areas of town. That is where the wyrm will be drawn to, and therefore Michael too. They also warned us that since they hadn't been patrolling the city, the wyrm was likely stronger than usual. Well, safe to say Frank will be inviting them back into town on wyrm-slaying duty whenever they want after what we saw.

Arachnids they said. Sounds like spiders, right? Maybe big ones? Spiders the size of cars we were not expecting. Kaleb bit off more than he could chew, but luckily the Arachnid wasn't a fan of fast traveling lead, and fled as soon as he got hit by those of us that had firearms. Harry, Talia and Armande gave chase while Frank and I stayed back to tend to Kaleb.

I was surprised to see Frank so ready to help Kaleb, after their tense interactions recently. In fact, at first I thought he was taunting the unconscious Kaleb by not giving him the small creatures he had handy for blood. Then I realised Frank is bunnyphobic.  Quite why he thought it a good idea to carry around a couple of rabbits he was so clearly afraid of I'll never know. Perhaps he thought they were intimidating?

After helping Frank with his bunnies, and getting Kaleb back into the car, we caught up with the guys with guns, who had gone after the Arachnid. They had tracked it to a spot in the middle of a block of buildings where it had apparently vanished into the ground. Finding no trace of it, and with Kaleb out of action, we decided to call it a night.

Unfortunately another vampire victim was found after that night. Not one any of us had met, thankfully. Weird that it seems less tragic when the death only impacts other people. Is that normal? The vampires might be rubbing off on me.

After some more advice from my tribe leader we went back the following night to where the Arachnid disappeared. I was to use my gifts to see into the spirit world to see if I could find Michael where the spirit world met our real world. Something, I immediately regretted doing.

The one when Frank developed arachnophobia.
A whole new world

After Jules was defenestrated, well the opposite of defenestrated we needed to act quickly. The act of killing a vampire per night did not stand well with me.

I put it to the Hound that as this is a masquerade breaking offense to me, he as our enforcer needed to take care of the situation. 

This led to going and having a chat with the werewolves ( we now know it was not them that killed Jules thanks to Tabitha ) I let the Hound take the lead as it was his task to find this werewolf. The talk was interesting it told us a few things.

1. The Werewolf clan will not fight with us, we are on our own.

2. They fight something called the Wyrm

3. And how cute. As a thing of fighting the Wyrm they fight arachnids. (awwww the big scary tough werewolves fight the ow so scary iddy biddy arachnids. i kept this thought to myself in the presence of the werewolf leader as not to offend)

Being told by Tabitha earlier that the werewolves need to come into town for some shopping now and then and that they have not because of our informal agreement, I lifted the ban for shopping and Wyrm activities but they are to let us know if this happening at night and what part of the city as not to clash.


That over we finally got into action trying to find this vampire killer. The werewolves gave us a little insight into this rogue werewolf and how he fights and were he could be.

Following this information we came across and eerily quiet part of the city. Kaleb offered himself us as bait and went off to attract the werewolf. no sooner had he started to feed of a poor homeless man when a Humongous creature swooped down from above landing on Kaleb and sinking its massive mandibles into his chest. Like that Kaleb was down, it dawned on me that these things were the arachnids that the werewolves fight!. The rest of us either shot this thing or ran after it as it scaled the wall it had dropped from. I went to check on Kaleb to see if he survived the onslaught. He was unconscious so i assessed his wounds. There was this green puss/goo leaking from the massive holes in his chest. I rid his body of the goo and then went to get him something to feed on. Thankfully he had as a gesture off good faith to the werewolves gone and brought two rather large, evil and nasty looking rabbits so they could run and feed of them as they do but when it came to the crunch Kaleb had decided not to offer the wolf clan his offering.

The massive rabbits were luckily locked away in there own separate crates as not to rip each other apart as these monstrosities tend to do. I heaved the huge crates (like hefting a fully growen man in each hand ) over to Kaleb and used my personal reserves of blood to bolster my strength knowing I am going up against an opponent of great prowess. I then reached in to grab the rabbit hoping not to loose a hand in the process. My idea was to force the rabbit onto Kaleb's fangs and force him to drink but I do not know how they bread these Viscous rabbits in these here parts but the creature fought me hell to leather. Screw the spider the werewolves need to start hunting these spawn of satin rabbits and soon as i am sure they will be the dominate species on the planet soon.

After my terror encounter with the unnaturally cleaver and powerful rabbit i thought it wise not to unleash the second Terror Rabbit upon the earth. The spider had escaped with its life and we really needed to get Kaleb back to his home and he needed time to heal. With my limited knowledge of Vampire healing it seamed like Kaleb would rouse in two days time and he would be famished.

Thanks to Harry for providing the small hairy sacrifices needed, I timed it so we would fill his coffin with many rats just before Kaleb woke and frenzied, either through lack of blood or shear anger.

Kaleb arrived at the elysium later on that night looking a little worse for ware but he was up. Back on the hunt for the werewolf now two nights later and one vampire smaller in our little town. We wnt back to the same place to see what we could make out from the scene. Armand did his thing and started to peace together information. It led up deeper into the woods and Tabitha said that she saw spider webs everywhere and it must be the would of the wyrm and it looked very different than ours… Its a whole new world… apparently. I could not see anything she is talking about (did Tab get bit from the spider?) But between Tab and Armand they seam to be onto something. Lets see where it takes us.


Looking at the protrusion from Jules husk Harry had to admire the logistics used. Not just the means involved to force it through his body but also where the hell they got it in the first place. Reminiscing over him Harry realized there would be no more 'shes so tiny' comments for his amusement. Glancing at Tab he briefly entertains the thought it might of been because of her. He dismiss's the idea realizing she had worn Jules comments like a badge of honor. Like a weird tribute to a Trump WH this week had ended even worse than it had started.

The fight ended well enough. The council, a little more battered and need of blood, still stand to a creature. The wolfs injuries seem more urgent but doesn't act like the bitch that she is. The opposition were somewhat worse off though beasts of their kind are hard to end permanently. What was more pressing was where the two who had fled the scene were and where was the way out. The wolf on vampires shoulder seemed seriously inert.

The way chosen ends dead but not before revealing some of it treasures. Heaped together in the room were some of the most pitiful wretched humans Harry had ever seen. Even including Calebs usual choice of dinner guest. Speaking of which Caleb reminds everyone how peckish he is and swoops down like a Texan on an all u can eat bbq. Talia of the vicious claws settles in as well. Harry wonders if her placement on all fours was the stuff of some of her students wet dreams. If they saw what she was doing to that corpse their fantasy would quickly turn to a permanently etched nightmare.

Corpses was all they were in effect. One feed and the first one expires its last thread to physical reality and joins the damned of their kind. Its adds to their already sad reality. Undeterred Caleb polishes off a second and seems the better for it. With no exit the group traces back and heads down the last option and hopefully out. Finding amongst the grandeur of the sarcophagi were subjects manacled but not restrained to a wall. Coherent and subservient they dutifully do as they are told. Which would have been a moment to treasure if one of them hadn't willingly divulged its poisonous secret to Talia.

She frenzied upon tasting its ichor. Not good when its the girl with nasty claws. It takes a lycanthrope and the monster aka Caleb to stop her from wrecking havoc to all around her. Taking this as even more motivation to leave Harry and Armand go searching after some hear the shifting mechanics of some structure. A way is found! Slightly more worse off the might of the Kingdom gather and prepare. Harry suddenly remembers something important left behind and races off. At that particular moment of ascending to leave, fire is ignited around them.. Provoking nightmares even horrors have it stalls their progress. Around this our Prince is informed that the current denizens of this crypt are far from happy. The whispers speak of consequences beyond what they have experienced already. Even this doesn't deter their will and thankfully the last test is past and the exit is achieved by all the creatures.

Not so thankful is the wolf and when the moment presents itself it forces freedom to its bidding and embraces her rewards. So much for rescuing it. Then Talia collapses under the strain of being a girl. Or something like that. Either way Caleb picks her up and rushes her and co off to the human hospital. There she takes some nights to recover but she is finally given access to leave from the suspicious human carers. Her welcome back gift is an installation piece called 'Jules gets a piercing'

Lessons Learnt

After dealing with the the threat in front of us we moved forward to the exit, but it was no longer there. So that left us with only one option, find another way out. Moving on we can across a couple more doors, one was a unlocked and was a computer room the other door was locked, but Tabitha soon sorted that out. The room had people in it and they looked poorly, Frank was about to do his thing but i soon put a holt to that ( First lesson of the night ) With being a little low on blood and taken a little bit of damage in our last encounter i decided to take a drink and all though i never ment to kill, the person was in to bad a shape and never made it.

Next was the Bondage or Torture room depending on your view /outlook, which had 4 people chained to the wall and after a bit of sniffing from Tabitha there was something not quite right about them. Frank tried to communicate with one but had no luck, still running a bit low still, and not listening to Tabitha's hunch and these people looking heathier than the last lot did i decided to go in for a drink. Next thing i snap out of it and look at another dead corpes in my arms and everyone looking at me, turns out i frenzied and Tabitha got hurt. She grabbed me to restain me and she got a couple of claw marks for her trouble, it was then that Kaleb took over with Armand lending a hand, Frank did his dominate on me and told me to freeze. This worked but Frank had to keep it up , Kaleb sent Armand to grab one of the people from the other room for me to feed on and this worked, After shaking off the events that had just happened we head out, but Kaleb decided that it was for the best that these things on the wall had to die and after the shit i just pulled i was not one to judge, and to his credit when the others told him to stop he stopped.

The sound i heard earlier had was a wall moving which lead to a ladder we climbed up and then fire surrounded us, Frank lost it and ran for the door along with Armand, Harry bolted back down the ladder the there was a voice, You gave us 7 days it's been only 4 this is unaceptable now leave. Frank and Armand were gone and Kaleb wondered on out with the Werewolf Elder on his shoulder, me and Tabitha went down to find Harry who was hiding out in one of the computer rooms when the made our way out.

Once outside we found out that the Werewolf Elder had broken free and bolted, Tabitha then gabbed her bag and went to get changed but it seemed to take longer than normal so we headed over to find her unconscious and bleeding. Turns out my claws had done alot of damage and Tabitha needed medical treatment, Kaleb applied pressure and we got her to the hospital in the nick of time. Tabitha spent 9 days recovering and in that time i visited her often, must have a chat with her at some point, but for the moment i will give her her space. Back at the Elysium we were having decussion about what went on when there was a crashing of broken glass from downstairs, we head down to see what had happen only to find the body of Jules lying on the floor with a massive stake in his chest with a note saying due to our doing one vampire will die every night until we take care of the Werewolf Elder we set free.


Barely even human, Killers at the core

I thought it would be nice being a tough scary werewolf, but apparently guns still hurt. Lesson learnt. We beat the Nosferatu that attacked us and soon found ourselves once again quickly trying to sneak out their underground lair.

Except the ladder was gone. No sign of its removal either. So, either they have some very fancy mechanism here, or magic. Hoping for not-magic we headed off to look for a switch or alternate exit.

We found a room of freaked out emaciated humans who looked like they were not being treated well at all. Frank tried to calm them down by assuring he would save them. That might have worked if some other members of the group hadn't then decided to use some of the humans for snack, killing them. Frank and I were dumfounded, but there wasn't much we could do at that point.

The next room appeared to be a surveillance room with feeds from security cameras. I did find a switch that didn't seem connected to any of the surveillance gear so I flicked it hoping it was something to do with getting out of this place. 

Next, we found a room with some people chained to the walls in what looked like bondage gear. Again, a rescue was attempted but these people seemed to have no self-will, just standing there waiting to serve us. And by serve us, I mean give us blood, which Talia happily accepted. And then she frenzied.

Something in the blood affected her. It sent her mad with lust for more blood and she immediately turned on us. Between Kaleb and I we managed to restrain her, but not before she went 50 shades of red on me. Frank told her to stop, but knowing she would just frenzy again when his power wore off, I suggested someone give her some blood to counteract whatever was in the blood of the BDSM guy (who had happily complied with his instruction to tie himself back up.)

Kaleb seemed to think blood was a good idea, but he then ordered someone to go get one of the emaciated humans from the earlier room. That is so not what I meant, and I could only watch in horror as the human was brought in and sacrificed to sate Talia's bloodlust. Then just to add to the callousness of the moment, Kaleb decided to start killing the BDSM people. At least everyone else agreed that was a bad idea and he quickly stopped. He didn't appear to understand why it was bad though, I'm not sure there's much left of Kaleb except for the monster.

Finally, we found a ladder out of the place. It was down a hallway that was probably revealed by the switch in the surveillance room. There was one more trap on the way out, a series of torches that burst into flame to freak out the vampires. I might have to buy myself a lighter for the next time the vampires want to kill innocent victims.

Once outside, the werewolf elder leapt away from Kaleb, and bolted. I guess he was feeling better. I on the other hand, was a bit woozy, and those claw marks Talia made in me weren't healing. Thinking I'd feel better after getting back home I changed back to human.

And then I woke up in hospital over a week later. Apparently, Talia's attack had hurt me worse than I thought and I was lucky to survive. I guess one of the vampires must have done some sort of first aid to stop the bleeding then driven me to the hospital.

Talia came and visited the hospital several times while I was unconscious. I guess she felt bad. Good.

Frank was pleased I was out as he wanted to send someone to the werewolves to check on the elder, but we soon had another reason to want to talk to them. We all heard a crash from below and descended from the club to discover a body with a trunk through its chest.

The body was poor Jules. It seemed someone had been very thorough about staking him. Remembering how that guy recovered from a similar thing in the previous timeline I tried to pull the wood out but failed. I looked around for help but all they seemed to care about was the note that had arrived with the delivery.

Another vampire would die each night until we caught and took care of the werewolf elder because of the sickness it carried. Just how sick was the elder, and how tough was he that someone thought killing a vampire every night was easier than catching him? 

I headed out after school the next day to find the werewolves. Turned out to be not to hard, although they were expecting me and sent someone to meet me and bring me in. Jesus seemed a lot less intimidating at his home and even seemed pleased when I said I'd like to join. There was talk of different tribes, and a ritual I had to undergo, so I have a lot to learn but I look forward to having somewhere I feel I belong, and there's hopefully less random acts of slaughter.

I asked about Michael, the elder we rescued, and Jesus said that he had found his way to the tribe. He had kept to himself and then run off after a week. Jesus knew nothing about the sickness Michael was carrying, or who was threatening the vampires. Last Jesus knew, Michael had been seen heading in to the city.

Also, Dom has been missing for a while. I had been looking forward to seeing him, as it was nice having someone my age to talk to, who also had to deal with shedding, and an inexplicable urge to chase the mailman. The werewolves seemed quite concerned since he had felt uncomfortable in the city and wanted to return to the forest, so it was unlikely Dom had gone back into the city. So where was he

there there,There's nothing to be scared of
I Told You So....pfft

So we managed to survive the Nosferatu lair, and we did not come up against anywhere near the amount of Nosferatu predicted by some of our members of our little five day old kingdom.

Our "Combat Powerhouse" made what could have been another questionable decision when in the middle of combat decided to cower behind a Nosferatu he had picked up. He hid behind his "Sheild" for an extraordinarily long time forcing us "non combatants" to pick up the slack. As he feared for his undead life Tarlia, Tabitha, Armand, Bit, Tore, Controlled, Kicked and shot our way to victory, of the one on one fight ( six of them six of us ) not to sure about Harry he is always invisible.

Next was the way out. But it had moved? changed? the ladder was no longer there forcing us to find another way out. We came across a new hallway with two doors. The first door led to a small room that looked like a very recently vacated computer room, nothing to be found in here.

Next room was locked so Tabitha did her thing and got us into the room. In the room were many disheveled looking humans, obviously a food source or as some call them "cattle" still have not herd a cow talk. My humanity at stake I announced to them that i could lead them out to freedom and then given them a small amount of memory wipe as to save them from the hell they have been living in and as not to break the masquerade. But Some of us were felling hungry at this point from picking up the slack from the void left in combat and they preceded to feed from these poor nearly dead humans. In turn killing some of them. So they will not be following us anytime soon.

On to the next room. This large room led to a security room of sorts that was mainly focused on looking out at the grave yard. Tabitha again hopped on the computers trying to find a way out and came across a button Flick, Nothing ventured nothing gained – a small rumble could be herd by Tarlia, something had opened? or moved? 

The was another room we had not gone in so we took a look. In side was a sort of BDSM room with four people chained loosely to the wall on crosses. Tabitha's nose to the rescue again and these four were not normal. I tried to communicate with one of them but with no tongue this made things less than ideal. I passed it my phone to see if he could text answers to my questions but it was meet with a confused face. It held out its arm as to be feed from … nooo way am I touching that i don't know where its been. Tarlia on the other hand chowed on down and instantly frenzied. Suddenly there were three bodies holding this small vampiric lady down. So i walked up to her told her to freeze. Kaleb told Armand to go grab the nearly dead humans so Tarlia could un-frenzie by feeding on them, a bit against my beliefs but it did work sadly at the cost of another life.  

A very impulsive Kaleb who does not seem to listen to advice sometimes. (He reminds me of the current US President)  went on another murdering spree, this time the thing that made Tarlia frenzie had tied himself back up to the cross on the wall. I spotted the deranged look in our Hounds eyes and quickly left the room as Snap he broke the defenceless mans neck. I then heard arguing from the rest telling him not to continue. We seem to have very different priorities in life, im not sure how long i can continue like this with out something happening or changing.

The sound was a wall moving that led to a ladder at the end of a hallway – up and out and Bam! fire. I then remember coming to my senses outside. Look I found the way out.

Tabitha went behind a tree to change, it seamed to take longer than usual so I went to go and check on her and found her unconscious and bleeding heavily. Kaleb managed to stem the bleeding and we rushed her to the hospital. It probably cost Kaleb a lot of money but its worth it she is fun to have around and very useful.

Nine nights later Tabitha has made a full recovery and we were all meeting at the Elysium to discuss the Nosferatu and first thing that is said is "four words .. I told you so" this came from the Hound. So i bit and said what?

I told you we were going to be outnumbered and it was a bad choice going to their lair after four days when you gave them a week. 

I managed to tell him that they were holding a werewolf and that could led to problems with the werewolves later down the track so it had to be dealt with and then was about to point out how foolish our hound is that he can not even count to the number six because that the number of combatants we came across in the lair when we herd a loud crash downstairs. We rush down only to find Jules Campion dead with a massive piece of wood through his chest.  It had a note attached due to our doing one vampire will die every night until we take care of the Werewolf Elder we set free.

Some believe that it is a note from the  Werewolf pack. But this make little sense, because 

1. they wanted a treaty and would only serve to lead to hostilities later on by killing Vampires under our rule

2. Their domain is the woods not the city, The city is ours

3. They threw the body downstairs . Downstairs is not part of our building. If it were the werewolves they easily could have put him through our main door or come in force through our door to tell us like they did last time that its our problem. leading me to believe it is someone that does not know us too well.

I think it is someone or something else that is setting us up to get aggravated with the werewolves. But some of us jump to assumptions right of the bat and not putting any thought into it.

I intend sending Tabitha to the werewolves to deliver her answer to their leader and ask them how they felt about their elder being returned to them. Lets see what they answer to that before we act.

And the Surtees? well they still need dealing with so we can unite all vampire…. well most vampires under our little Kingdom. Some just cant be pleased.

I Told You So

So we managed to survive the Nosferatu lair … just. The Surtees were understandably not impressed and let us out. The expected lecture about giving them a week and then invading after 4 days fell on deaf ears as our fearful leader ran away.

Talia caused a few problems as she frenzied after feeding on some random non-human, non-vampire thing. She just about killed Tabitha. I managed to hold her while Armand (who seems to be the only one who actually listens to me when I speak) went and grabbed some of the imprisoned humans. Once Talia started to feed on them she seemed to snap out of the frenzy.

Our leader made what could have been another questionable decision and was trying to set free the humans that were being held (obviously as a food source) in the lair. If they had got out would that not have broken the mascarade?  He is a very impulsive leader who does not seem to listen to advice. He reminds me of the current US President.

However the cells gave me a good idea for the Elysium. 

The others still seem to have a problem with me killing things but they will get over it I guess I stopped when they told me to.

Tabitha almost died, I managed to save her life and get her to the hospital just in time which was good. It has probably cost me a lot of money but its worth it she is fun to have around and reasonably useful.

Anyway 9 nights later the werewolves through a very dead vampire alli through the downstairs window with a threat that one will die every night until we take care of the Werewolf Elder we set free. Turns out he has been changed by the Surtees. I should have killed him when he asked. Oh well.



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