Vampire: Kingdoms

He who laughs last laughs longest.

I made a decision on the sleeping in the woods with the Wolf Pack … sorry Gangrel its a no.

Those woods loving hippys would have wanted something form either myself or the kingdom. I have given them access to the city to get food / no stipulations or wanting anything in return just to know when. let them come into city to do their sworn Wyrm duties no stipulations or wanting anything in return, again just to know when. Maybe I should start demanding something in return for such things like a wanker… I think this has upset our one Gangrel but im sure she will grt over it.

In a more troublesome note Tabitha has been abducted …. again…. this time by her "friend" Dom. I sent her a text…. again…. and hope she replies. I am assuming she and Dom have entered the werewolf spirit world. I hope this does not continue she is becoming a liability.

Speaking of Liabilities Kaleb whome was instrumental in our most recent fight has gone and got a court date to deal with the van that we / he hired when freeing Tabitha from her father. He did ask me to see if my contact in the police could "take care of it" ,will see im not sure he is high enough rank  to do so.

The bombing is still on my mind as the hunters seam to think we killed their leader. This will have to be dealt with as I do not want to go through another Grand reopening blast off for the club. I must check in with Susan to see when she is back at work.

We now have a new Primogen for Meket  in the kingdom – Corban - I wish him well, dealing with our kingdom he will need it.

On a more personal note I am trying to extend my reach in the city making allies hear and there, the more people I know the better it will be to deal with odd things that pop up with the members of the Kingdom. Im sure it will come in useful when I need people to look the other way if one of us slips up. I have made good headway in the City Council and am starting low in the police for now. Next a few shady street people/black market  humans. They will not go a miss, even the fire department could be handy too. Lets not forget the media they should really be my next target. A good spin is worth its weight in gold ( not that it weighs anything but you get the idea)

And well killed the two remaining Surties … Ha ha Bitch I laughed for four hours. He who laughs last laughs longest.


And three become one

So after dealing with the cattle we find that our intel was correct. The finger print recognition and key worked. We burst open the door only for me to have a big sword inserted into my belly. Frank was just speechless I guess he isnt that hardened to fighting still. It did make things interesting though. 

I grabbed the sword from the hands of the Surtess who was wielding it and deposited it behind me. I then stuck to the plan and went after Miss Surtees while Frank was to try and take care of him. Armand stepped forward to engage Mr Surtees who I had disarmed. I thought that should be easy but despite my urgings to interpose himself between the sword and his adversary Armand stood where he was and tried to stab him. So quickly the unarmed Surtees was armed again as he simply grabbed the sword from where is was lodged.

If only people would stick to the plan <<sigh>>.

While I engaged bitch face as was the plan to quickly take her out the others decided to focus on him. This resulted in me being stabbed AGAIN!!!! Eventually we took them both down. A few extra seconds making sure they were dead and and few minutes getting her research into Magic Magoo Goo and we were out of there. I kept the sword and am going to have it inlaid into my coffin lid. I get home to find my retainer has resigned and I have a court summons for the van that was reported stolen. FFS I am not renting anything again someone else can take that risk.

For a given value

It has been an interesting and compressed few weeks in the the genesis of the kernel of the new kingdom – challenges within and without have left their mark on the jumbled coterie I find myself in. Such however has been the beginning of many great factions and kine kingdoms in history, with disparate notions being crushed together out of necessity.

We face our third of three external challenges - the Surtees. After coping, albeit noisily and with a possible lack of grace with the the local Hunters, barely coping with the Were faction we share a city with, we now have our showdown with possible the most sinister threat, a renegade band of our own, with less stock in maintaining the masquerade. Fortunately, we have assistance from a would be defector from the Nosferatu triumverate, or at least we must act as if that were the case - for guns blazing and claws bared we have been given access to their sanctuary to eliminate the threat we see in this antagonistic faction. Are we fighting the good fight, doing the right thing?

For a given value of "right", the same "right" that justified conquest and conflict throughout all history, that is, because we feel we have no other choice to safeguard our way of life, we are. 




After a lengthy chat with Corban about what he wanted out of this and what he was willing to offer us in return, then another coming up with a plan of attack and were we would put Corban to keep him out of our way Corban then decided to show us one of his powers he gets up walks to the office door and closes it, moments later there was a big explosion. We go out to investigate and it turns out it was a suicide bomber, with bodies and debris everywhere our newly opened club was quite literally a bomb site, We get the other vampires to leave and take there wounded/dead with them before the authorities arrive, while some did that the others helped with the wounded humans, after Frank went over the footage with the officer in charge it turns out it was the hunter who Armand brought back and then we let go. Before he set of the bomb he said this was for killing Tabitha's dad which was a little weird cos as far as we knew he was still alive and kicking.

Once the dust had settled it was time to rebuild and organize another Grand re-opening, in the mean time we got our shit together to finish off these Surtees once and for all, with Corban locked in the safe with instructions to let him out after 3 days if we had not returned we got our gear together and headed off to the cemetery. Once in side we came up against some resistance but made short work of them, now onto the Surtees.

Once more into the breach

So after dealing with the Huntards (for now). We had a chat with Mr Surtees. I really don't trust him at all and think he could be setting us up however it is an opportunity to get into the inner sanctum. The group decided it is a risk worth taking.

We formulate lots of plans -—- Yeah Right

We have the layout of the place, we have a finger portion to beat the fingerprint security. So we just go in and kill anything that tries to kill us. After locking Mr Surtees to the freezer.

First up 3 human/ghouls. Saving myself for the main fight the others take care of these three easily. Lets wee what is through the next door ….


Demands demands demands
You want to sleep where?

We have a long talk with Corban about his sister and brother. We spend over an hour discussing how we are going to attack them, we came up with many cool ways to kill them but all involved stuff we could not possibly get a hold of …. but would have been fun to do.

In the end we had a floor plan, an idea of their strengths and weaknesses, keys , codes, and a finger print to get past any door we came across but best of all we have the element of surprise.

While some of us got equipment and studied their craft I had a chat with some of the crew, Talia wants to sleep in the forest. I asked Tabitha what the wolf pack thinks of this. Did not get a definitive answer. Kaleb came up with the idea of issuing a pass so that they could sleep in the forest ( to me this is weird they are only going to put them self in dirt for the night and not really be with the wild things. but each to their own)  Have not made my mind up on this as of yet. I do not want to owe to much to the wolf pack. think I will send our new Wolf Pack ambassador to work out the details on this sleeping arrangement I just do not want all our Gangrill to be sleeping with the wolves.

After getting all the equipment we needed and i had given instructions to my loyal retainer to unlock Corban from our freezer if we did not return in three nights.  We then headed to the crypt.

After unlocking the door to the anti chamber it was all on (as was to be expected). We came up against three loyal fanatics that turned out to be humans or ghouls. They flung a few Molotov cocktails, shot at us with a lot of bullets but in the end they were dealt with quite quickly. Now we will see if Corban is worth making a Primogen. Its onto Connor and Chelsea.

Where is your heart at?
I don't understand, Your love is so cold, It's always me that's reaching out, for your hand.

Dear Dad

You suck.

I came to talk. You put handcuffs on me.

I still tried to reason with you. You locked me up.

My friends brought us pizza. Your friends set the house on fire.

I tried to stop things getting out of hand. Your friend shot me in the butt.

My friends saw I was safe and tried to leave. Your friends tried to trap them in a burning building and hid in a closet.

I came back to make sure you were okay. You tried to shoot me in the face.

I am so telling Mom on you.


Ps. It says something that we got a more reasonable conversation out of Corban Surtees that I did out of you. Course that might just be cause he wants our help with his siblings. It’s a shame you didn’t want more from your daughter.


I Hate Huntards

So as we rock up to the house and attack the huntards who have Tabitha it turns to custard. They have set up traps incase Vampires attacked them here. Lots of fire and gas not a good combination. It turns out Tabitha was not being held prisoner at all she was with her fucking father. No wonder she has not wanted to deal with the Huntard threat. I am starting to question her motives and have a little less trust of her now. She does not want us to kill the huntards but my ideas to turn them into either Vampires or Ghouls was not taken up. Not sure what Frank is going to decide on that front.

We have other issues though aswell. One of the Surtees dicks has turned up wanting us to kill his siblings as he wants out. He is blood bonded to them and will of course be unable to help and in fact if he is anywhere around he will, attack us. Sounds like a trap to me but we can use that to our advantage. I don't think he should be allowed to live either. That whole incest filled trio need to be put down for the safety of the kingdom. We are at war so its not murder really.

Anyway interesting times ahead and oh yes the Elysium is finally open.


After a couple more punches to the hunter's face and a few shots fired at me one of the hunters decided to light the couch on fire, managed to keep myself composed but didn't really wanna be around fire so decided to make my way upstairs to find Tabitha. As i was about to head up Tabitha was on her way down, asked if she was ok her answer was yes and that i shouldn't go upstairs cos there was hunters up there with guns ready to open fire, so i make my way to the kitchen to get further away from the flames. As i enter the kitchen area Kaleb ask's me to turn the gas of, the hunter he had managed to get a hold of had turned it on and with flames in the lounge it was a good idea, but it did not turn off, i'm guessing they must of rigged it for just this situation and with no way out this way it was time to find an alternative way out.

As i made my way back to the lounge Frank had yelled it was time to go and headed for the door, but with the couch still on fire i decided to risk it and head upstairs to find a window to jump out off, and as i did Tabitha headed back up herself which was a bit bizarre since she told me not to but hey i needed to find  way out, so with celerity on i bolt upstairs to the nearest room only to find that it had bars on it, and after taking a few shots from one of the hunters it was time to move onto the next room. Didn't go all the way in this time just looked through the door and yes there was bars on that window to, so with only one option to go it was head back down stairs and brave the flames. So as i started to go i yelled to Tabitha it was time to go and headed down, with a stroke of luck on my side Kaleb had made a door in the kitchen so out i went and headed towards the van.

I get to the van with the horn blaring and Frank slumped over the steering wheel, so i push him over into the passengers set and wait for the others to turn up so we can leave. Franks cell starts to ring and as i reach to get it i get a slap on the hand, Franks awake and answers his phone, it Tabitha telling him that she is ok and will meet us back at the Elysium, as the others turn up and pile in Tabitha turns up ? we hear sirens in the distance so watch as off we fuck, we get a few blocks away and we decide to ditch the van and Kaleb reports it stolen. Back at the Elysium Frank has a chat with Tabitha and it turns out that one of the hunters is her Father, a Father that turns out who tried to shoot her so now im guessing she has some family issues to sort out.

A few weeks pace and the Elysium / Night club is finished and ready for opening night which seems to going off quite nicely, even Dog turns up with his trusty hounds and as they make there way across the dance floor there is a mixture of WTF and that's cool man. Dog walks up to Frank and asks if he can have a chat so we all head to the back room, turns out he has a favor to ask, he has someone here that wants to talk to us but he needed assurance that they would be able to leave unharmed and Frank agrees a few moments later Corban walks into the room, he informs us that he has been in hiding since he let us out of the crypts and that he has a request. His request is he wants us to kill his sister and brother and that he would like a seat of power on our council, but there is one small problem, and that problem is he will know when they are in danger and try to help them because there blood bond is so strong, looks like we got some decisions to make.


Pizza Boy Apu and the Hunters
Frank gets a proposal

We come up with a plan to "trick" the hunters to open the door, The old "Turn up in a van pretending to be a pizza boy trick". But it worked! they opened the door. This was easy, a little to easy and it turns out they wanted us to come in because they were ready for us. The phone call earlier was bait and we fell right into it.

Harry as "Pizza boy Apu" managed to get them to open the door Kaleb was out as soon as he say the door crack open followed by Tarlia, Armand and I strolled out after and made our way at a leisurely pace towards the house.

By the time I managed to get to the door we had most of us in the stairwell with slumped over Hunter, a heavy set Hunter clawing at the kitchen door to get out and the couches on fire in the living room.

Most of us went to follow the one in the kitchen as he had turned on the gas on the oven and the on off switch was buggered. At this point Tabitha strolled down the stairs and announced that she was fine and could have gone at any point ( The Hunters were using her a bait ) and that there were many hunter's up stairs with guns ready to shoot us.

Well ok i said Lets go then because that gas and those fiery couches are not a good mix. So I made it as fast as I could to the van to get it ready to leave. As I past the now inferno that was the couches I took significant damage to my person even though I did not touch the flame and upon reaching outside was set upon by a few bullets fired from the second story. This gave me cause for concern as i could feel myself fading away.

I hopped into the van and tired to get the infernal machine working. A few seconds later it stated and I heard a loud bang bang bang and next thing I know is im on the floor of the van may phone is ringing and Tarlia is reaching for it, a slap of a hand later and im now talking to Tabitha who is back upstairs ???? and telling me to go she is in no danger.

What seams like an eternity later we are all on the van including Tabitha???

Time to go. sirens screaming and getting closer we ditch the van and Kaleb reports it stolen and we go back to the Elysium to have a chat.


Tabitha's Dad is the head Hunter – news that could have been useful before we tired to put an end to the Hunters.

Tabitha's Dad tried to kill her – this is both good and bad news. Bad news – We now no longer have a diplomatic way with the hunters or even a inside mole to help set up a trap to capture them. Good news now that Tabitha now knows where she stands with her Father.

Some time passes as I give Tabitha time to think things. During this time our night club is now up and running we have a few more Vampires under our rule. Opening night went well. I made good on my promise to invite Susan ( I think she loved it and might not get out all that often ).

Even Dog turned up and came to see me – something is important because Dog and many people do not mix.

He had a favor/request for me. I have someone I want to bring before you BUT I need you to insure this person will leave unharmed. ( I know how it is before he tells me ) But I give him my word as I'm sure its Corban the same Corban that opened the door for me as I fled his Crypt – I'm am told , I still cant remember to much about how I got out upon reaching the top of the ladder.

Corban turns up and requests that we kill his sister and brother and that he could join our Kingdom and have a place of power. That is a lot to ask for, just for his skill set to offer us. But it is tempting if not just to get rid of the annoying Surtes. Catch is he will sense when we do the deed and try to stop us because of their blood bond, But I have an idea about that. We still need  a lot more information out of him but I think we will take him up on his offer.


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