Vampire: Kingdoms

And three become one

So after dealing with the cattle we find that our intel was correct. The finger print recognition and key worked. We burst open the door only for me to have a big sword inserted into my belly. Frank was just speechless I guess he isnt that hardened to fighting still. It did make things interesting though. 

I grabbed the sword from the hands of the Surtess who was wielding it and deposited it behind me. I then stuck to the plan and went after Miss Surtees while Frank was to try and take care of him. Armand stepped forward to engage Mr Surtees who I had disarmed. I thought that should be easy but despite my urgings to interpose himself between the sword and his adversary Armand stood where he was and tried to stab him. So quickly the unarmed Surtees was armed again as he simply grabbed the sword from where is was lodged.

If only people would stick to the plan <<sigh>>.

While I engaged bitch face as was the plan to quickly take her out the others decided to focus on him. This resulted in me being stabbed AGAIN!!!! Eventually we took them both down. A few extra seconds making sure they were dead and and few minutes getting her research into Magic Magoo Goo and we were out of there. I kept the sword and am going to have it inlaid into my coffin lid. I get home to find my retainer has resigned and I have a court summons for the van that was reported stolen. FFS I am not renting anything again someone else can take that risk.



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