Vampire: Kingdoms

For a given value

It has been an interesting and compressed few weeks in the the genesis of the kernel of the new kingdom – challenges within and without have left their mark on the jumbled coterie I find myself in. Such however has been the beginning of many great factions and kine kingdoms in history, with disparate notions being crushed together out of necessity.

We face our third of three external challenges - the Surtees. After coping, albeit noisily and with a possible lack of grace with the the local Hunters, barely coping with the Were faction we share a city with, we now have our showdown with possible the most sinister threat, a renegade band of our own, with less stock in maintaining the masquerade. Fortunately, we have assistance from a would be defector from the Nosferatu triumverate, or at least we must act as if that were the case - for guns blazing and claws bared we have been given access to their sanctuary to eliminate the threat we see in this antagonistic faction. Are we fighting the good fight, doing the right thing?

For a given value of "right", the same "right" that justified conquest and conflict throughout all history, that is, because we feel we have no other choice to safeguard our way of life, we are. 





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