Vampire: Kingdoms

I Hate Huntards

So as we rock up to the house and attack the huntards who have Tabitha it turns to custard. They have set up traps incase Vampires attacked them here. Lots of fire and gas not a good combination. It turns out Tabitha was not being held prisoner at all she was with her fucking father. No wonder she has not wanted to deal with the Huntard threat. I am starting to question her motives and have a little less trust of her now. She does not want us to kill the huntards but my ideas to turn them into either Vampires or Ghouls was not taken up. Not sure what Frank is going to decide on that front.

We have other issues though aswell. One of the Surtees dicks has turned up wanting us to kill his siblings as he wants out. He is blood bonded to them and will of course be unable to help and in fact if he is anywhere around he will, attack us. Sounds like a trap to me but we can use that to our advantage. I don't think he should be allowed to live either. That whole incest filled trio need to be put down for the safety of the kingdom. We are at war so its not murder really.

Anyway interesting times ahead and oh yes the Elysium is finally open.



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