Vampire: Kingdoms

Keeping a dog is hard work

We've seen a lot of things as vampires. For a start theres the fucker who turned you. And then theres more vampires. And werewolves. And like humans they both come in various shapes, forms and attitudes. Speaking of which humans react a lot differently once you've turned. Most be those long fangs or something. No matter what though, all those added together didn't come up with the scene of a wolf appearing in mid air with a giant Manspider wrapped around her. Thank Godless staples of reality like gravity still applied and the writhing mass of flesh gets dumped onto the ground.

This precluded a rather frantic event of trying to extract said wolf from said Manspider while destroying one and not the other. Sounds easy? Well its not. Bullets thudded pitifully into its flesh spouted out by the wolfs colleges. Heaven even Caleb turns up with a silver serving knife, ending his short vow of non violent protest. Tho with that utensil in his hand he was better suited at some fine dining. Harry, taking aim with his AR, bides some time and when the melee turns into individual players he fires into its grotesque head. Turns out Gravity isn't the only scientific principal involved in this post. The physic of a high speed lump of metal into any form of flesh still goes in favor of the metal. Brain is quite important for all and when enough had been pushed out the new exit in its head it not longer remained a present Manspider.

Once again science was needed, the Art of Medicine was applied by the factitious human carers. Allowing time to apply these practices allowed time to plan on what to do next. Tabby circumvented that process by getting herself stolen by the fanatic human hunters. Oh now we have to rescue her. Again. Except instead of nightmares from the spirit world it was bog standard bipedal versions of homo sapiens. Including the douche who had been spying on us. The one we let go. The one who confessed to culling our kind by the number of 3. Oh how this was going to be fun…

Pizza anyone?



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