Vampire: Kingdoms

Pizza Boy Apu and the Hunters

Frank gets a proposal

We come up with a plan to "trick" the hunters to open the door, The old "Turn up in a van pretending to be a pizza boy trick". But it worked! they opened the door. This was easy, a little to easy and it turns out they wanted us to come in because they were ready for us. The phone call earlier was bait and we fell right into it.

Harry as "Pizza boy Apu" managed to get them to open the door Kaleb was out as soon as he say the door crack open followed by Tarlia, Armand and I strolled out after and made our way at a leisurely pace towards the house.

By the time I managed to get to the door we had most of us in the stairwell with slumped over Hunter, a heavy set Hunter clawing at the kitchen door to get out and the couches on fire in the living room.

Most of us went to follow the one in the kitchen as he had turned on the gas on the oven and the on off switch was buggered. At this point Tabitha strolled down the stairs and announced that she was fine and could have gone at any point ( The Hunters were using her a bait ) and that there were many hunter's up stairs with guns ready to shoot us.

Well ok i said Lets go then because that gas and those fiery couches are not a good mix. So I made it as fast as I could to the van to get it ready to leave. As I past the now inferno that was the couches I took significant damage to my person even though I did not touch the flame and upon reaching outside was set upon by a few bullets fired from the second story. This gave me cause for concern as i could feel myself fading away.

I hopped into the van and tired to get the infernal machine working. A few seconds later it stated and I heard a loud bang bang bang and next thing I know is im on the floor of the van may phone is ringing and Tarlia is reaching for it, a slap of a hand later and im now talking to Tabitha who is back upstairs ???? and telling me to go she is in no danger.

What seams like an eternity later we are all on the van including Tabitha???

Time to go. sirens screaming and getting closer we ditch the van and Kaleb reports it stolen and we go back to the Elysium to have a chat.


Tabitha's Dad is the head Hunter – news that could have been useful before we tired to put an end to the Hunters.

Tabitha's Dad tried to kill her – this is both good and bad news. Bad news – We now no longer have a diplomatic way with the hunters or even a inside mole to help set up a trap to capture them. Good news now that Tabitha now knows where she stands with her Father.

Some time passes as I give Tabitha time to think things. During this time our night club is now up and running we have a few more Vampires under our rule. Opening night went well. I made good on my promise to invite Susan ( I think she loved it and might not get out all that often ).

Even Dog turned up and came to see me – something is important because Dog and many people do not mix.

He had a favor/request for me. I have someone I want to bring before you BUT I need you to insure this person will leave unharmed. ( I know how it is before he tells me ) But I give him my word as I'm sure its Corban the same Corban that opened the door for me as I fled his Crypt – I'm am told , I still cant remember to much about how I got out upon reaching the top of the ladder.

Corban turns up and requests that we kill his sister and brother and that he could join our Kingdom and have a place of power. That is a lot to ask for, just for his skill set to offer us. But it is tempting if not just to get rid of the annoying Surtes. Catch is he will sense when we do the deed and try to stop us because of their blood bond, But I have an idea about that. We still need  a lot more information out of him but I think we will take him up on his offer.



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