Vampire: Kingdoms


After a lengthy chat with Corban about what he wanted out of this and what he was willing to offer us in return, then another coming up with a plan of attack and were we would put Corban to keep him out of our way Corban then decided to show us one of his powers he gets up walks to the office door and closes it, moments later there was a big explosion. We go out to investigate and it turns out it was a suicide bomber, with bodies and debris everywhere our newly opened club was quite literally a bomb site, We get the other vampires to leave and take there wounded/dead with them before the authorities arrive, while some did that the others helped with the wounded humans, after Frank went over the footage with the officer in charge it turns out it was the hunter who Armand brought back and then we let go. Before he set of the bomb he said this was for killing Tabitha's dad which was a little weird cos as far as we knew he was still alive and kicking.

Once the dust had settled it was time to rebuild and organize another Grand re-opening, in the mean time we got our shit together to finish off these Surtees once and for all, with Corban locked in the safe with instructions to let him out after 3 days if we had not returned we got our gear together and headed off to the cemetery. Once in side we came up against some resistance but made short work of them, now onto the Surtees.



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