Vampire: Kingdoms

Where is your heart at?

I don't understand, Your love is so cold, It's always me that's reaching out, for your hand.

Dear Dad

You suck.

I came to talk. You put handcuffs on me.

I still tried to reason with you. You locked me up.

My friends brought us pizza. Your friends set the house on fire.

I tried to stop things getting out of hand. Your friend shot me in the butt.

My friends saw I was safe and tried to leave. Your friends tried to trap them in a burning building and hid in a closet.

I came back to make sure you were okay. You tried to shoot me in the face.

I am so telling Mom on you.


Ps. It says something that we got a more reasonable conversation out of Corban Surtees that I did out of you. Course that might just be cause he wants our help with his siblings. It’s a shame you didn’t want more from your daughter.




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