Armand Jeancleu

Anthrocryptidology investigator


Armand Jeancleu was born to French immigrants in Quebec, 43 years ago. Eventually graduating with a MSc in anthrocryptidology, he found work with various universities conducting primary research at sites of interest around the world. After fifteen years in the field in a research capacity, he contracted out as a consulting lecturer to allow more time to accept private commissions andy follow his own lines of inquiry. The investigative nature of his work opened doors to varied and lucrative contracts, until recently, when he failed to show up to give a postgraduate lecture at a local college.


Things just haven’t been the same lately. I can barely remember the days now, preferring to work nights, when, somehow everything seems more alive. I guess that’s why I got into this in the first place – chasing the truth about our world, believing that we humans weren’t the only long term tenants on this ball. Not the “truth” spouted by the myopic New Order adherents and the fragmented religions before them. No, the real truth that has been out there long before we started to suspect it.

I began to to wonder when I started to receive research commissions from anonymous sources. “What the hell” I thought, money is money and the rent doesn’t pay itself. A few months later, maybe longer, and now just about all my work comes from clients who would rather not meet face to face. Clients who claim I come recommended by their associates, associates whose identity I could not be more ignorant of if I plucked names out of the phone book. Christ, (excuse the pun) I’ve even been asked to look into the NOC’s action on a couple of occasions. Like I said, money’s money.

Tonight, I’m torn. A client, claiming I’ve done work for him before, wants to meet in person. Everything in my being tells me it’s a bad idea, but I have a feeling I’m gonna do it anyway…

Armand Jeancleu

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