Frank ( The Prince ) Tepesko

Fantastic Chap, allround nice guy, possibilty to turn into a real bastard because you killed my father prepare to die.


Ac all most none
HP a gently woffting curtain could put him down
reflex saves very little
the thing Frank Tepisko has going for him is his mouth
Us senator, aspires to become president and very recently now wishes to glow

Kingdoms – Is now the Prince and has a huge learning curve ahead of him.


Very little is known about Frank Tepesko up until he hit the public eye fifteen years ago
becoming a US Senator.
The much loved Senator won the hearts of the people in his first campaign dubbed the “We want you campaign” where Tepesko was sweep’ed in to office with a landslide victory.

Known for his Double hand hand gun “Vote Tepesko” tag line and his ability to converse with anyone that he came across, Tepesko soon swelled in popularity among his constituents as well as his fellow Senators.
Having his eye firmly locked on target for the presidency its was looking like there was no stopping Tepesko, until what has now come to be known as the dark day of Congress where Tepesko
was ousted due to his newly acquired skill set as a fledgling Vampire.

as he was leaving the footsteps of Congress he was quoted as saying “Xenith did this to me! do not trust them”

Two years before his removal from Congress Tepesko was Quoted “Far too often in Washington, policy decisions are influenced by big money — wealthy corporations spend millions on lobbying, public relations, and campaign contributions to get their way.”
Tepesko’s disdain for wealthy corporations and lobbying was unparalleled, as a senator he was seen as a champion of the people working for equality and justice.
Now ironically as a “normal” supernatural citizen Tepesko still works for equality and justice but as the head of the “Supernaturals peoples Front” Lobbying group not to be mixed up with the “Peoples Front of Supernaturals”
he works tirelessly Lobbying the government to bring equal rights and job opportunity’s to supernaturals everywhere.

to date he has not been successful.

After the Phoenix Reset Frank is now the Prince of a small town with the memory of the past life.
His new task is to unite the Vampires under his rule one way or another.

Frank ( The Prince ) Tepesko

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