Hank "the Wrecking Ball" Becker


A huge man standing at six and half feet, weighing almost 350 pounds, and almost all of it muscle. Almost flouro white as he spends most of his time indoors, under lights, training.

Face model – Brock Lesnar


Current: He’s been a professional wrestler and cage fighter. When this grew too tame, he moved to street fight clubs. Destroying all before him, he has been a champion for several years before retiring, unable to find that elusive epic challenge. A brute of a man, many would mistake him for a hairless werewolf in between human and war form.

His victories are characterised by wrestling prowess. He prefers to weaken foes first, frequently through his signature ankle lock, breaking it to reduce the power and movement of his opponent. He will move through limbs as required, breaking more the tougher the opponent before moving onto some form of choke hold, denying the opponent are until they are strangled to death.

Unlike his fellow contemporaries, he is approachable and gentle outside the cage. Quiet and conscientious, his looks and size hide a smart man who fights with honour and respects his opponents.

He now scouts talent in the city.

Hank "the Wrecking Ball" Becker

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