Tabitha Brianne Wilde

Skater teen wolf - robotics student.


Height: 5’
Weight: 96
Hair: Brown Blonde
Eyes: Blue

To her fellow classmates she seems geeky and introverted. Most of them would be surprised to know she has a police record and would struggle to recognise the punk skater of two years ago. She seems quite serious about applying herself in order to pay her mother back for the trouble she now feels responsible for, but it is likely she will fall back into old behaviour patterns given temptation.

Happiest when she’s pulling tricks on her board, she seems an odd fit at the prestigious Stackpole Academy. She dresses in an aggressive skater style, without quite going full punk. When not on a skateboard, thick soles try to make up for her petite stature. Hair dye is a different colour every season and she has taken to using her contacts more after dropping and damaging her glasses. Wait this isn’t right, she didn’t dress like that, and her glasses are fine… what’s going on here?



Tabby was born in rural Oregon to a blue collar family that struggled to get by in this tough world (of darkness). At the age of 4 her family moved to Lincoln City where her childhood best friend had parents who were powerful lawyers, the Pricefields.

Her father’s family had long supported hunters and one day he decided the best thing to protect his family would be to take a more active part in opposing them. He joined an anti-supernatural political campaign and left behind his wife and 13-year old daughter to fend for themselves.

With her mother now working two jobs and left to her own devices Tabby repeatedly found herself in trouble with the law as her friends had little respect for legal boundaries when looking for places to skate.

Tabby finally got in serious trouble when she was caught shoplifting. She only avoided a period in juvie thanks to the Pricefields, who had remained close friends with her mother. With her mother now in more debt due to legal bills Tabby finally applied herself to schoolwork, where she discovered she had actual talent and even won a robotics scholarship for a skateboard camera she designed to follow her during stunts.

She has now moved to the big city to attend a prestigious college she otherwise could never have afforded where she will hopefully have a nice normal education with no more dramas…

Tabitha Brianne Wilde

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